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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Today I am Sacha Too--a very sassy shoe! I am the hue of butternut squash. I am a backless, dressy, high heeled sling. My heels are 3 inches high with a narrow triangular shape. I also have a very pointed toe with a slit at the tongue and 2 large leather "X's" for decoration. When I come out of the closet there is always an adjustment period to get used to the height. After about 30 minutes of wobbling on those narrow 3 inch heels, everything gets right!

Today the stress was on. I am much too pretty to be kept on the rubbermaid foot rest but that was where I was just about all day. It is where I am right now. Just look at me! I sure do look good. Those other monstrous leather pieces sharing my space do not scare me. I can hold my own. So move over Coach bag! Move waaaay over momogrammed briefcase because today I am your competition.

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