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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Four Inches

Celebrities Pose Nude in Jimmy Choo Shoes!
***Update: 02/18/06***
Jimmy Choo Four Inches

Get your copy of the book for Christmas. The price is now coming down!

Christina Aguilera naked in Jummy Choo Shoes

Nicky Hilton nude in Jimmy Choo Shoes

Ellie McPherson nude in Jimmy Choo shoes

***Update: 09/20/05***
More pictures to come

Serena Williams nude in Jimmy Choo shoes

Paris Hilton nude in Jimmy Choo shoes
(poor dog! I think tinkerbell is traumatized!)

Heidi Klum nude in Jimmy Choo shoes

Iman nude in Jimmy choo shoes

Pamela Anderson nude in Jimmie Choo shoes

Anne Heche naked in Jimmy Choo shoes

Jenna Janeson naked in Jimmy Choo shoes

Kimora Lee Simmons naked in Jimmy Choo shoes

Tatiana Patiz naked in Jimmy Choo shoes

Victoria Beckham naked in Jimmy Choo Shoes

Kate Moss, Rachel Hunter & Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York have all posed in nothing but Jimmy Choo shoes and Cartier jewelry.

Although it may have been a lot of fun, it's not just a fun night out. The girls all stripped down to the luxurious accessories for a good cause.

The models were photographed for a book called "Four Inches" - titled after the height of the stiletto Jimmy Choos that the models are wearing in the images.

London fashion photographer Pamela Hanson shot the photos, and the book will raise funds for Elton John's Aids Foundation.

Well today was the Four Inches was to be released. Now I read it will be just a little later ..with in the next few weeks. I went down to my local Barnes and Noble to see if they had it in, but it has not. When I get my copy, I may post a few pictures if they are really tasteful. But for now, we can all preorder it to be sure we get a copy!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Anonymous said...

How has Jimmy Choo Shoes fared since the departure of Jimmy Choo OBE? Has the Jimmy Choo brand lost some of its mystique and gravitas? Was it ever possible to take Jimmy Choo the man out of the Brand and still expect it to thrive with such dynamism and creativity? Perhaps the definitive answers to these questions is still in the balance. The Jimmy Choo brand still appears to be maintaining its precious customer-base and some of the designs since Jimmy Choo’s departure look acceptable, so perhaps there is life after Jimmy Choo for? It is still possible to buy Jimmy Choo shoes from the man himself. Jimmy Choo designs and creates bespoke footwear under the alluring banner of Jimmy Choo Couture and are availbel from his London store.

M* said...

Who is on the cover? fergie?

why does it cost sssssooo much--how many pages?