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Saturday, May 08, 2004

God! What a shoeless morning it has been. Up at 5am to go to work to get an interveiw from someome who was only home at 6am. Called at 6am and of course that party could not be woken up. The person on the phone tried and tried. Finally they asked me to call back in 20 minutes. I waited until 6:35am. called again.. still not up but this time finally they are able to wake him. I got the interview but in the course of it I suddenly heard water tinkling in the background and soon after the toilet flushes. Nobody has any home training anymore. Didn't his mother ever teach him that it was rude to take a leak and talk on the phone at the same time????

I came home and these shoeless toes then made breakfast and sat down to have a Matrix marathon for the next 6 hours. Dirty fila and I only got thru 2 hours before a crisis occurred. Curiousity killed dirty fila this morning and satisfaction did not bring her back. It got her grounded to her room for the rest of the day!

She broke a pen. Not just any pen but a special pen I was awarded at work. I happened to see her with a silver ring on her pinky and asked what that was. Can we say deer caught in headlights? I asked if that was a ring off a pen and she said yes. My heart sunk! I asked her where the pen was and there it was next to the computer dismantled into several pieces. I wanted to spit nails--and cry all at the same time. There must be a piece missing because it will not go together and work again.

I wanted to have a great day today, relax and unplug from the matrix. I must be unplugged because dirty fila must be plugged into a world where you can break other peoples things or take them apart for no reason and not even mention it. The joys of motherhood are neverending.

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