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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day!

Wow. What a shoeless morning it has been. dirty Fila treated me like queen. She made a wonderful breakfast for me. Pink grapefruit juice, date and walnut oatmeal, eggs, turkey and blueberry muffins. It was a feast fit for a queen. It was her first time everdoing this. It was a success. I am glad that I have a pair of shoes like dity Fila. She is a blessed sole.

We are in the middle of the Matrix marathon. dirty Fila also loves the Matrix. Later today we will go see nana shoes to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Tonight of course is the all important night...the Survivor finale. Unfortunately it seems Amber or Rob may win. They seem to be unbeatable and those other survivors realized tooo late that Shii Ann was right. Idiots. Why did they not listen to Shii Ann?

Tomorrow is a new day at work. I will just put my best foot forward. What else is a pair of shoes to do? Keep on walking till you can't walk no more. Mentally don the steel toed work boots daily and be impervious to everything except what you have to do.

My cat has spent most of the morning cowering by the patio door mesmorized by the birds on the patio. I put out bird seed and they all flock there. My no name shoe neighbors have not littered the back yard with anymore bread slices lately. i have not had to clean my birdbath ina while. If you want birds to flock to your doorway, put up a feeder. And keep it up all year long. Don't playerhate because I have birds! That is just crazy!

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