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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Today I stomped around with the strength of steel toed work boots. I was fierce. I rode the pressure and the pressure did not ride me. I was cool as a cucumber. Today I was like agent Smith after he was destoyed by Neo. Once Agent Smith came back some part of Neo rubbed off on him and he was a little like Neo. He did not know how he was just free. Unplugged. From the matrix that is corporate america.

The highlight of the day was lunch believe it or not. Greek salad, tea and gyros with my spirit-pod mate. We had been real podmates for the last year. We all got shifted around and now we are not in the same pod. We are still podmates in spirit. He is a bow tie wearing pair of wingtips. Our office is business casual but he wears a bow tie everyday. Bowtie wingtips is really a genuine person and there are not that many real people in the world anymore. He really cares about people and right and wrong. Not only that, he is a very attractive pair of Bowtie Wingtips. Not available of course, but at least he is my friend. Why are the good pair of shoes always being worn? I need a good pair of wingtips myself.

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