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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What lies beneath our shoes?

Our feet of course! But what can our feet tell us? They can actually predict the future. Podomancy is a form of divination similar to palmistry that can predict the future or give insite into our personalities. Take your shoes off and take a look at your feet. What do you feet say about you? Your future? Your weakness or strengths?

Toe Shapes and Meanings

Short toes: Energies in those toes are difficult to express

Rounded toes: Sensitive and tactful

Large toes: Energies in those toes are exaggerated

Rectangular toes: Energy expressed in practical terms

Crooked toes: Modifies thinking to please others, but still has some devious thoughts

Twisted toes: Does not acknowledge the truth and often looks to others for reassurance

Bent toes: Fears responsibility and failure

Spatula toes: Powerful, expressive with lots of energy

Toes bent toward the little toe: Rushed to reach the future

Toes bent toward the big toe: Hangs onto the past

Vertical nail ridges: Energies of that toe have a metabolic disorder: protective of certain perceptions

Horizontal nail ridges: Energies of that toe have emotional instabilities: insecure

Little toes tightly squeezed under neighboring toes: Hard to trust and let issues go

Long 2nd toe: Self opinionated with great vison

Big toe stands apart from others: You need time to connect with the world to express feelings

Painful big toe: Life is being affected negatively by past sorrows

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