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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Old Shoes!

Old shoes. That is me today. I'm really shoeless but feel like old shoes. I am very tired. What good are old shoes except for sitting around? That's me today just sitting around blogging my fool soles off. I did find a use for old shoe soles--> see article below.

Tennis court made out of old shoes
By Scott Murdoch
October 3, 2003

A NEW tennis court surface made from old running shoes has been manufactured by a Brisbane company renowned around the world for its work in the sport.

AV Syntec made a name for itself in 1988 when it produced Rebound Ace, a surface which is now played on by some of the biggest names in tennis and covers Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is played each year.

The Carole Park-based private company will now market Air Cushion, a layering made from polyurethane and acrylic-based materials to cover existing tennis surfaces.

The new design has been tested at the group's headquarters for heat resistance and in the Czech Republic and Switzerland for its endurance in colder climates. It has been under development for the past four years.

AV Syntec export director Paul Bull said Air Cushion would be targeted mostly at European and South American markets.

A key ingredient in the new product is Nike Grind – a compound material made from processing old Nike athletic shoes. WHAT IS NIKE GRIND?

"We have just signed a couple of jobs for it to go to in Korea and we have four agreements in the Czech Republic," Mr Bull said. "We're also working on a couple in Europe at the moment as well. At this stage, we'll be targeting countries which mainly play on clay courts so probably places like Korea, Spain, Japan and South America where there is a lot of clay."

Cushion Air is has been tested over the past couple of days by AV Syntec distributors from around the world.

The company's two products, Mr Bull said, would not compete against each other in the marketplace. "They are aimed at two different sectors."

The Courier-Mail
Old shoes can also be used to make flower planters so do not throw old shoes away..recycle.

These are complete with drainage holes.

Shoe Tea.

I found a great recipe for Shoe Tea!
Fill one pot with cold water. Bring water to a boil. Remove pot from high heat. Insert one foot of a pair of shoes. Let steep for 15 minutes. Add sugar and creamer to taste.
Bon appetite!

Shoes can also make great lamps. Any pair of shoes will do. It does not have to be ballet slippers.

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