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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Snake Skin Shoes is Satan's Spawn

Snake Skin Shoes sits in the pod across from me. This is what she looks like! Yes- she is that bad. Never have i seen such a snake in acton all the time. She slides on in her snake skin shoes and sits at her desk with a rattle! Never have I seen such a back stabbing withc work her evil with so much style! (She probably passed this evil test with flying colors!)She gets confronted all the time but that does not stop her. The evil just marches on. Can we say that she is truly Satan's Spawn.

This article, I am sure, was most likely the same announcement her very own husband used when her first child was born. I bet it all came out the same way!
Wife Is Pregnant with Satan's Child!'
ECUADOR — Vicente Suárez says his wife is carrying the child of the devil. Ultrasound pictures of the fetus "looked nothing like a human child," he claims. The mother-to-be drinks urine instead of water and suffers fits during which she screams "Let me out, let me out!" in an inhuman voice. Family and friends believe she was possessed by Satan during a ouija board session. [Ananova]

She tried some evil doings when I was out of the office last week, that I quickly was told about. I had to stop her in her tracks on yesterday. I was wearing my garlic shoes that shot out silver bullets and sprayed her with holy water. Still she lives.

Evil is hard to kill.

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