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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Shoe Stopping Headline News

The shoe that fits one
person pinches another;
there is no recipe for living
that suits all cases.
~~Carl Gustav Jung~~

John Edwards Chosen as Kerry's Running Mate
Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has named North Carolina Senator John Edwards, 51, as his vice presidential running mate, NBC News reported today. Full Story.

Diana Memorial Fountain Unveiled
THE Queen dedicated a fountain in honour of Princess Diana today, acknowledging there had been difficult times with her late daughter-in-law but "memories mellow with the passing of the years".

The Queen, her husband Prince Philip and Diana's former husband, Prince Charles, joined with Diana's family to formally open the stg3.6 million ($9.2 million) oval granite water feature in Hyde Park. Full Story.

Happy Birthday GI Joe! He's 40!
Forty years on, G.I. Joe is still fighting the good fight.
More than 400 million G.I. Joes have rolled off the Hasbro production line since 1964. And despite approaching middle age, the fighting Everyman has not lost his appeal.
Full Story!

Kerry to Reveal Running Mate This Morning
Barring a last-minute hitch, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry will announce his choice of a vice presidential running mate Tuesday morning at a rally in downtown Pittsburgh. Full Story.

636 Years Left in the World's Longest Concert
In an abandoned church in the German town of Halberstadt, the world's longest concert was coming two notes closer to its end Monday: Three years down, 636 to go. Full Story.

1 Broken Heels:

Joel said...

GI Joe looks good for this age. Plastic really goes a LONG way in preserving someone :)