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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Toe Tapping Headline News

Freed Egyptian Diplomat Returns to Work
A senior Egyptian diplomat returned to work...more

Clinton Vows To Make Kerry Next President
Energized by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Democrats castigated
 George W. Bush...more
Powell Urges Allies to Maintain Resolve in Iraq
Secretary of State Colin Powell urged allies...more

Pet Problems
That sad look you see sometimes in your dog's eyes ...more

President Bush Discusses Homeland Security 
Our country faces new and unprecedented threats...more 

CNN of the Middle East
Ignorance is bliss. And the more I read about Al-Jazeera...more

Veteran actor arrested in shooting death
Robert Sorrells, 74, was arrested three blocks from...more

Democratic Convention News 
Barack Obama, will be the keynote speaker ...more

Summer meteor showers descend
Anyone gazing at the summer night sky...more  

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