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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Weekend Plans...Anywhoo!

The shoe that fits one
person pinches another;
there is no recipe for living
that suits all cases.
~~Carl Gustav Jung~~

Today is Sunday, the start of a new week. New week, new doings. No more breakfasts like this-->Yuck! I got a pedometer so I can get in the 10,000 steps and do some working out.

I just bought a copy of On The Corner: Male Social Life in a Paramaribo Creole Neighborhood by Gary Brana-Shute. It took awhile as it was out of print but thru the magic of EBAY, I was able to get a brand new copy. I was kind of questionable if it was a new copy but it was. The cover was shiny and you could tell the book had never been opened by looking at the spine.

I took my nephew to see Shrek 2 on yesterday and it was wonderful. It was hysterically funny and I was howling with laughter the entire time. My nephew said I was the loudest person there. Now that could not possibly be the case as the 2 ladies behidn me to the left were louder than me. All I could hear was them laughing hysterically.

I tried to check out the Howard Stern message board and there was just a letter from Howard that the demands of getting on the board blew all their servers. They are trying to let 10k people on at one time. Wow--that is something. I think I will wait until the bugs are worked out. See here-->hey now!

I have had GMAIL for about a week or two now and I love it. I tried to delete something and got a message asking me why I was deleting something since I have so much storage. I do like the labels. That is the way to organize since you will just have pages and pages of messages that will never be deleted. So far so good! Thumbs up for my gmail! My very first email account was with Yahoo. I still have that account but it is just horrible. I get about 500 pieces of spam mail there everyday. I cannot keep up with it anymore. The spam filters do not work well. Plus it seems like because of the yahoo address the other email addresses I set up also got spammed--> at IWON and some at work. I finally forwarded all the mail going to IWON to a fake email address and stopped using that account. Work has firewalls and filters but still some gets thru and I know it is due to Yahoo. Now with all that extra memory, the spam will just build up for a very long time. I really love my YAHOO user name and I hated to give that up..but oh well.

The most interesting web site I came across recently is DEVIANT ART. Nothing is cooler! I set up an account there. It rocks! There is so much art there I have yet to explore the site fully. It is site for people who are artists or enjoy art of all times. Wicked COOL!

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