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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

dirty Fila's School Daze!

What a whirlwind of a three days these first days of school has been! dirty Fila had been in a daze! Monday the school wanted parents to take kids to school so that is what I did and I stayed till 2nd period before scooting off to the office in my clear heeled dress sandals. dirty Fila was not dirty on the first day! She wore her new athletic Spauldings. The real "dirty Fila's" now clean are in her closet waiting to be worn. All the kids will be changing classes in her grade. This is new. Not only will she have her bookbag in tow all day but her violin as well. They have to take violins and bookbags to recess and lunch as well. Just like in college--eveything goes with you. Eveyone looked all wide eyed and bushy tailed in their kakhi and blue uniforms.

School supply lists were distributed in the summer and all of dirty Fila's supplies were bought long ago. Well, low and behold! Those teachers sent home 4 additional lists of supplies for individual classes. 2 came home on Monday and 2 more on Tuesday. It was a Walmart Monday and Target Tuesday for more supplies. My shoes were sick of the inside of Walmart. Plus the school crossing guard at dirty Fila's old school is a Walmart greeter! So, no matter what door we go in , the front, garden section....seems like we always see her and of course she wants to talk. Very nice but always soooo talkative. And dirty Fila is not even at that school anymore.

Whoever heard of homework in the first day! Not in my day...we at least got a break. The engineering and science lab is set up like Howarts from the Harry Potter series. The teachers are in Hogwart's costumes as well as they teach! Neat!

dirty Fila is still a little nervous she says! It's apparently hectic with the changing of classes and not being exactly sure where everything is. Her best friend Jen is in another homeroom. They have been in every class together since kindergarden. She road the wrong bus home on yesterday. I was waiting at the bus stop since 4:45pm. The bus arrives at 5pm. no dirty Fila. I began to worry about 5:30 pm thinking maybe she went to the afterschool program. I was about to call when a bus pulled up and dirty Fila was the lone child stepping off. The bus schedule that was printed in the paper was wrong. She got on the wrong bus at school based on the schedule they gave out. The bus driver was kind enough to bring her home after dropping off all the other kids on her route! School daze! Things are all a'jitter!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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