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Saturday, August 14, 2004

What goes around....

....Really does come around. I have seen the total breakdown and demotion of my old ex-manager. Let's call her "hag shoes." Hag was a horrible woman with serious family issues that have always plagued her in the work place. She is all about drama and seems to feed on chaos, her whole family does. If there is not drama, a crisis, an injury, they do not know what to do. Her first demotion came years ago..about 3...she was my manager with lots of family issues. Hag literally did nothing all day for months but stay on personal calls, crying and dealing with dramas. I recall once during an evaluation meeting with me, she fell alseep in mid sentence as she was talking to me. I just sat quietly and in about 10 mnutes she woke up and she continued on like nothing happened. Hag was demoted soon after to the same level as me. I made sure of that. It killed her.

By the same token Hag spent a lot of time after that sabotaging me. I spent a lot of time dodging her bullets for the past 3 years. Finally even that has caught up with her. She was in the same area as me and still having all these personal issues at home. For example, she would say she was going for a doctor appointment and she would be back in 1.5 hours. She would not return for the rest of the day. In addition, I was still dodging bullets. I know she felt I had something with her first demotion from manager. And I guess I did. How could I sit right across from a person who was supposed to be my manager and see them do nothing all day for about 6 months and not alert someone?

Well, after getting back to work on this past monday after being out on vacation, the whole office had been restructured. I was still in my area, but my manager had been shifted. Instead of 1 unit , we had 2 doing the same job. My old manager took 1/2 of the unit we had and the other 1/2 was given to a new manager that was moved in. Both managers were given about 4 new employees each that were also moved in from another area.

My old, bullet throwing, evaluation sleeping , ex manager was demoted again. Hag was sent to the entry level unit where all new employees start. I was on vacation when it happened. I heard that she was very bitter. Hag was telling others that it was a conspiracy from above and that she began the unit she was in. (And long ago she did, when she was, I guess, at one time a good manager--must have been before I ever began as she was always bad when I was there.) She went kicking and screaming to the entry level unit. I did have to ask my manager who was just shifted why the Hag was moved as we would all like to go to the entry level unit. The work is easy there. Whenever we hear talk of changes in the office, we all ask to move to the entry level unit. It is easy work. My old manager said, " you do not want to go there, it goes against the flow and that is all I can say about Hag."

Well, I can read between the lines, go there and your performance must be poor. So what goes around comes around. Hag was an awful manager who has spent the last 3 years doing all sorts of underhanded things to me. Luckily most of them I could combat with no ill effect. All that negative engery does come back to those who put it out there.

What goes around, does come around and luckily I was there to see it! Happy day! Happy, happy day!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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