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Monday, August 16, 2004

What shoes do you have on right now?

Please tell me! My inquiring soles want to know.

Turns out many psychological symbols are associated with shoes, so just as one judges a book by its cover (don’t lie, I know you do), it seems we are also prone to judging someone by the footwear that graces their feet. An American study on the general public’s shoe perception concluded that we break shoes down into 4 main categories: "feminine and sexy," "masculine," asexual or dowdy," and "young and casual”- symbolised by heels, boots, sneakers and sandals.

It’s said that women wear heels to boost self esteem, femininity and sex appeal. Heels have long symbolised sexiness and femininity but they also epitomize beauty, professional status, love, aggression, power, domination, authority, seduction, superiority and vulgarity.

Like Heels, women’s Boots, (usually high heeled) most commonly symbolize sex and power but also symbolize strength, courage and grace.

The ultimate in comfort and style, sneakers appeal to a broad range of people- from those after a designer, visual appeal to those sold on the comfort value, to those who appreciate the practical aspects of sneakers such skaters or sports people.Sneakers are also considered the most fashionable, casual, youthful, and comfortable shoe.

Finally, the sandal…like heels, because the snazzy sandal shows a bit of skin, it also classifies as sexy. Exposed skin, the sense of freedom, simplicity, and naturalness are all characteristics of sandals.

So......what kind of shoes are you wearing today? I want to know what sort of shoes are visiting! :)

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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