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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Flaming Pumpkins

Today in the office we had a pumpkin carving contest. Each unit was given a pumpkin a week ago with the task to carve the best one for breakfast supplied by the big boss. Noone in my unit wanted to have anything to do with it. The goal was 3pm today the judges would decide. I finally took it upon myself to carve the pumkpin. Noone else wanted to do it...I asked. What about team spirit? It was not there today. Well, I took the pumkpin home last night thinking I would carve it last night. I was way too tired so I did not do it them.

At 8 am this morning I did it at home and got to work at 9am. I did a great job. I am into carving. dirty Fila and I carve 3 each year so I have templates and all the pumpkin carving tools. I used a skelton/skeletor template...I put a baseball cap with the company name in the top and called it Mr._(company I work for)_ . I doctored one of my business cards and in place of my name put Mr. (Company). Beneath his name where my title went I put " This job was the death of me."

Plastic snakes weaving out of the eye, spiders and a bed of spider webs made it just about complete. All the goals we have to achieve each month, I made into little cards that said "death contributors" under each one. These cards were spread around the bed of spider webs. It was most clever. I knew we had the prize in the bag. So did my other non participating unit members who could suddenly perk up at the thought of free food supplied by the company.

Well, the other 5 units all did pumkins that were just not as clever or as good as my idea was. 2 units did the exact same things and cancelled each other out. They blew up a copy of the company logo and carved that into the pumpkin. The judges thought the same thing. Out they went. One unit just carved a cutout of a witch over a cauldron. That was out for no originality.
One unit did not carve theirs at all. The spray painted it black and got a smaller pumpkin to make a head and made a black cat out of it completed with eyes, bows and it was sitting on a bed of leaves and white lights. It had the cuteness factor and I thought that was the only one that I had to worry about. Cuteness factor.

NOOOOOOO! I had to loose to surfer dude! Surfer dude, on jeans casual fridays, wears "man sandals." He is the butt of so many jokes. Man sandals, man clogs, baggy jeans and pucca shell necklaces. Dude!!!!! Dude! No..dude! DU_U_U_U_DE! (Yes, he says that word.)

He carved a pumkpin that had the scary face, but had the company logo carved into the side...the words...and a small picture of the company logo on each side of the face. He carved it on yesterday so by today, it had started to deteriorate....the face looked really scary and downright psycho. He won because he carved a little more detail into the eyes. Detail into the eyes??? My concept was far more elaborate.

Needless to say, I was robbed of the win. Even other units thought I had won for my unit. The big boss who comes around after it is all over even asked me if I had won. She thought I had done the best. I told her I was robbed. She said I needed to be asking for 1/2 of the breakfast. That was crazy. She is paying for the breakfast!

I feel just like Charlie Brown in the Great Pumpkin.....all I got was a rock!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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