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Friday, October 08, 2004

Jerry Springer

I took today off from work--happy shoes doing the happy dance-- and was just flipping thru the tv channels and came across Jerry Springer. Todays show is called "Foolish Lovers."
What garbage..garbage so incredible you just have to watch. Woman sleeping with other peoples husbands and boyfriends. The woman today were huge, had horrible bleach blond fried hair, were obviously from the lower side of society. The men had mullets. They all seemed to have southern accents. The dregs of white trash on tv.

Man it was bad today. Sad in a way. These people who call Jerry to be on the show are real people in pain and it is aired on tv. The fighting is crazy with body guards running all over the place to keep them apart. The one who is being left for another has no clue he is about to get a dear john letter on national tv. Given the ethics of the "gun toting" South it is a wonder people aren't pulling out their shotguns from the gunracks of their pickups and shooting each other in the Springer parkinglot.

I wonder what happens when these people get back home to their home towns. OH MY GOD!!!! The women are just flashing T&A. So are the men!!! This is crazy!!!! Now the audience members are flashing!!! What craziness is this!!!???

I feel bad for one thin guy today. His girlfriend was sleeping with his best friend. He has tears in his eyes over the betrayal by the friend. This is worse than the girlfriend sleeping with the best friend.

That is the worse betrayal--that of a friend--friends we like to think will be with us always thru thick and thin...especially a "best friend." Betrayal by a friend cuts to the heart.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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