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Friday, October 15, 2004

Scared Out of My Shoes!

I was living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina many years ago when I was a few years out of college and working on my own away from home. It was my 3rd apartment and I lived alone. I do not think I had adopted my cat by that time. It was a weekend night and I had done nothing that evening. It was friday. I had worked all day and watched a litte tv before going to bed. My apartment was a nice one in a complex that was just for corporate business people. It was one where no kids were allowed believe it or not. I lived on the first floor and it was 2 bedrooms with 2 glass doors that opened out onto a private patio. The kitchen and living room was what you encountered first before going down the halls to get to bedrooms and baths. The patio was off the living room. I was asleep in the master bedroom in the very back.

I was sound asleep--deeply asleep---when the phone rang. I was in a daze and must have mumbled a hello. I then heard my mother screaming for me to wake up right now!!!

Wake up RIGHT NOW!!!





As I stated earlier my mother does see dead people and she gets messages. I immediately did as she screamed. I got up running turning on all the lights as I ran for the front door. I got out of the room and as I entered the hall I heard a sound at the master bedroom window. I began to scream and continued to run and turn on lights as I got to the livingroom. Someone was at the bedroom window trying to get in. I thought about the phone but I thought I would not be able to call 911 as I had not hung it up. I ran out the door and about 4 feet away I had a neighbor. We shared the same hallway, so I pounded on their door.

They let me in.They called 911 and about 10 seconds later there was a knock at the door and it was already the police. How had they gotten there already? I was in a state as you can imagine. They came into the apartment and checked everything out. They walked outside and checked the private patio and all the doors and windows. All was locked up tight but at the bedroom window they found where someone had tried to use a crowbar to get in. Some of the wood was damaged. The police said I must have scared whoever it was off and they were trying to be quiet as they worked at the window to get in.

I was in a state of terror. They said they would patrol the area for the rest of the night hourly. I spent the night at the neighbors. I asked the police how they got there so soon and they said my mother called. We walked about the timing and it was about 10 minutes before she called me. She called the police 10 minutes before she called me to wake me up to get out. They asked me how my mother knew as she was many states away. I told them she has the ability to know things that are about to happen that are not good. She gets messages about bad things. This was just one of many things she has warned us about, but it was the first time when I was in danger.

I called my mother. We spoke about it for along time. She said she was alseep and her mother, my grandmother, came to her in a dream and told her that a stranger was coming for me. She knew that I was in danger and called. Her messages are always bad so a stranger coming for me could only mean I was in mortal danger of being killed. So she called the police, then her own 6th sense kicked in when she called me to tell me to get up now and to run. She said she could see the stranger nearing my apartment. She said she told me not to hang up the phone because she needed the line open so that she would know when I was okay. Not that she needed to talk to me...she would know when I was safe. She said she hung up after just a few minutes. She said she could tell the stranger had left the area..seconds later the police arrived and the rest is history.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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птица (Ptiza) Odelay said...

I want to know more about this so-called "cat."