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Friday, October 22, 2004

Wannabe Boots

At the office there is a pair of wannabe shoes that just annoys me to no end. Not that she is a bad person, but it is just that she thinks her toe jam does not smell when she takes off her shoes. You know what I mean!!!!! She is just as loud as she wants to be and can be so wrong with the loudness. She thinks she knows all and thinks other people thinks that her shoes have the best shine. Little do people know that that shine is caused by the vaseline she uses and not KIWI shoe polish. Vaseline will soon rub off and leave dull lustre in its place. All that glitters is not gold.

Well she just got back from a few days off and she got a new pair of boot when she was away. You would think the boots were made from gold. They look like a nice pair of boots but it must be the only pair of expensive boots she has ever had. She has worn them everyday this week and has pointed them out to all who comes into close proximity to her feet. I refuse to enter that conversation or even look hard at her boots. The only thing I can tell is that they are very pointy toed kind of like these. I heard someone at the copier tell her that her shoes were sexy and boy has she had a run with that.

Now she thinks she is sexy and has mentioned or asked others if they like her sexy boots. All day long when she is at the copier I hear the faint words of "sexy boots" coming from her mouth. Please! Deliver me from boot madness!!!

The only thing is that she shops at places like Dress Barn and Catos...not the best of the best when it comes to name brand shopping for our office environment. She always looks neat and clean, but those boots far outclass her clothing. Let me just say for those who shop at Dress Barn and Catos...nothing wrong with those stores. The contrast of this pair of shoes is like sack dress is to Jimmy Choo. She is wearing sack dresses with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Depending on what you wear, you cannot tell a pair of $10 boots from Walmart to a $300 pair of designer with a pants suit or a long skirt. But hip clothes or fad clothes on jeans casual Friday with dress boots just do not go! Can we say no fashion sense. And from one who knows it all and talks loud. People in my place of work are very PC....we have to be or you will be in big trouble. Noone says anything and I would not either. My shoes just look, listen and look/walk away quickly! In this case, those wannabe boots will forever be that. Wannabes!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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