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Monday, December 27, 2004

New Boots for the Troops

Beginning in October 2005, the Army will issue state-of-the-art boots that will replace the standard polished black boots.

New Army recruits will receive two pairs of the tan Army combat boots, a hot weather version, and a temperate weather version, said David Nelson, the deputy product manager for Clothing and Individual Equipment at the Program Executive Office Soldier here on Fort Belvoir.

The suede, textured boots will complement the new Army Combat Uniform that is scheduled to replace the Battle Dress Uniform.

They also come with high-tech features to increase durability and comfort.

The temperate weather style is equipped with a GORE-TEX lining, according to Nelson, which prevents water from penetrating through the boot.

It is also waterproof, and has an oil and flame resistant rubber outsole.
The hot weather version, suitable for desert use, is made with a thinner nylon material to allow for circulation.

With the hot weather boot “your foot will be a little cooler,” said Nelson.
Both types of the Army combat boots have a cushioned mid-sole that increases shock attenuation.

Nelson explained that “when you’re walking and your heel strikes the ground, the cushioned mid-sole helps to absorb that shock.”

“It’s less painful on your knees – your whole leg receives the benefit,” he added.

The technological advancements applied to the Army combat boots are a far cry from the standard black boot, which was introduced in the 1970s.

Unlike the new combat boots, air does not ventilate properly in the black boots, because polished leather traps moisture, said Nelson.

Nelson owns a pair of the temperate weather boots and has run as much as five miles in them without developing blisters or injuring his feet.

“They’re significantly more comfortable,” he said. “As soon as you step into them, it’s almost like wearing slippers.”

Nelson has also successfully trekked through wet tunnels without any water seeping into his boots.

With the original black leather boot, “there was nothing that would prevent the boot from getting wet,” he said.

The Army combat boots are currently being issued to deploying Soldiers.

They will be available to all Army service members in April 2006 as part of the new Army Combat Uniform, according to Audrey Herring, manager
of Military Clothing and Sales on Fort Belvoir.

The temperate weather style retails for $95.60, and the hot weather version costs $77.70.

Herring anticipates that the store’s current stock of black boots will eventually dwindle as the military converts to the tan Army combat boots.

“Instead of having nine different versions of a black boot, we’ll have one standard black boot, which will probably be the infantry combat boot,” she said.

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