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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wicked Cool Shoes

Well we have a pair of goth shoes in the office now....a new hire and her shoes are very similar to least one of her pairs of shoes are. Goth shoes is very pale, white and thin...she actually looks vampirish. She had naturally red hair (which may account for her coloring--paleness) which is dyed multiple colors of plum and purple. She is about 1/2 the size of
Carlista Flockhart which seems impossible as Carlista is just a skeleton with skin over it. Noone can be that thin but goth shoes has her beat. It hurts me to look at her she is so thin and pale and white.

I was just a little afraid of her looks when I first saw her. In the past 2 weeks I have forced myself to go to her area and speak to her to find out what she is all about. Well, she came to work one day with her 3 piercings in. 2 in her lips and 1 in her nose. Why would anyone think that was the right thing to wear? A quick call to her manager resulted in a quick call to her and the piercings were out in about 15 minutes. She obviously will not be seeing the clients. She is a member of the support staff.

She does wear the goth clothes everyday and us old classic shoes get an education everyday. Who knew that there were so many scary pairs of goth shoes out there. I have had to go talk to her eveyday just to see her shoes. These she wears just about everyday. With striped thigh high hose like these with miniskirts. And the only color she wears is black. She also has some really goth high heeled stilletto tennis shoes. Goth shoes really has some crazy, unusual shoes!

To top it all off she carries the "get the hell out of here" lunch box...the Hell Raiser Pin Head lunch box.

Now, I like Pin Head as much as the next person as I am a horror fan, but she uses that lunchbox as a purse. I did compliment her on her lunchbox. That was cool.

Now guess what! Goth shoes has started to visit me in my office. I am so scared of her. She is too thin to look at! She is very nice and so far does a great job at her job. We had to have a section of our last unit meeting devoted to diversity as Wingtips and some Mormon shoes in the office were seen by me whispering about her outfits as she walked by. Of course , I had to explain what goth was about..or the little I knew because some of those dyed in the wool, stogy old business men thought goth was a phase and not a lifestyle choice for some. I explained what I knew about goth and it at least imparted some information and that the whispering needed to stop. I stressed that we had to embrace her gothness and value diversity.

Someone then asked about the bats on her car. I had seen the bats. She has a white car that is covered with big, black bats. Well, all I could say was that it was the same as having college stickers or bumper stickers on their cars. Who is to say bats are any worst than team stickers or college stickers?

The person I am most surprise at is Classic Court. Did not the whole goth, punk thing start in England--her home town?

In some ways I am jealous of goth shoes. She lives outside the business box and seems very free in her ways. Must be her youthful age. I rememeber when I was in college in the early 1980's and that was when punk rock was big...DEVO! The B-52's, Rock Lobsters, Whip it, The Plasmatics, Billy Idol. I went punk for about 6 months. I loved all the punk rock groups and DEVO was my favorite right after Billy Idol. I wore all black leather and had spiked collars and bracelets. I had a purple streak in the top front of my hair. I loved it! I still am a punk rocker at heart in some ways. I still listen to Billy Idol! Just love him.

I am jealous because I cannot easily step outside the business box. I am trapped in corporate shoes and have to wear them all the time. If I were to walk in with goth shoes, it would be a scandal of great proportion. People would think I had lost my mind. Already people were looking at me crazy when I told them we needed to value diversity and embrace her gothness. Wingtips did not say anything , just threw his hands in the air.

I secretly am jealous and would love to be able to go back to the early 1980's and be just a little punk again. Just for a little while.

I guess I will have to go and console myself with my Rebel Yell CD by Billy Idol! Billy was the man!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!

~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

C. Fish said...

gotta love Billy Idol.. and those shoes look deadly! :)

Tinker said...

i would say those shoes were a little scary!

Anonymous said...

1. "goth shoes" is the cutest nickname, ever.

2. where are her organs?

3. how can shoes be scary?

4. piercings... really? c'mon it's 2007. get over it already.

5. bat car rules.