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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Key Lime Cake: Carnival of the Recipes

This is an excellent cake! Whenever I make it people just ooooh and aaah! Makes me feel like Emeril! Yep that's my cake! I made it! BAM! I kicked it up a notch!

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  • 1 box lemon cake mix
  • 1 small box lemon instant pudding (approx. 3 oz)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tbsp. key lime juice

Key Lime Glaze
  • 2 cups confectioners' sugar
  • 1/3 cup key lime juice
Beat eggs; add water, oil, lime juice, instant pudding and cake mix. Beat with electric mixer until well blended. Pour into well greased and lightly floured 9"x12" pan. Bake approximately 50 to 55 minutes at 325 degrees. Prick top surface with fork while still warm, about 5 to 10 minutes out of the oven. Pour glaze over cake. Leave cake in pan.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

4 Broken Heels:

Laniza said...

Okay, I'm not into limes, but gawd that cake looks delicious!!

Holly Desimone said...

Hi Tinker,
Cake looks very tasty, I will have to make one myself thanks for giving us the recipe. Have a Great Easter Weekend! bye from Holly D

Joann said...

Looks good.

Tinker said... is the best. it does not have a sharp lime taste! i literally could eat a whole cake. one slice makes you want another and another and another. thanks holly. hope you had a nice easter! be sure to try it joanne if you have a chance.