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Monday, March 14, 2005

Martha Stewart Inspires Shoe Designer


Martha Stewart Garbage Bag Witch

Garbage Bag Witch Costume How-To

Use 10 black garbage bags with drawstrings for witch (left). For bodice, trim bottom off 1 bag; turn inside out.

1. To reinforce armhole: Directly below each drawstring, tape a 7-inch strip of clear packing tape; perpendicular to that piece, just touching it, tape a 3-inch piece of tape, to make an upside-down T. To make armholes, cut down center of long tape just to edge of short tape. For sleeves, trim bottom off 1 bag; slit sides and drawstrings. Staple cut drawstrings to half-bags at each end. Tape each half-bag along edges to make a tube. With bags still inside out, match bodice to sleeves at drawstrings. Overlapping sleeve and bodice 1/4 inch, tape top 8 inches of armhole, leaving drawstrings free and armpit open for ventilation. Turn right side out. Cinch drawstrings; tie to fit.

2. For skirt, cut off bottoms of 6 bags. Lay bags on floor; refold so drawstrings are at sides. To tie bags together: Snip 1 drawstring of first bag, and cinch bag; snip both drawstrings on second bag, cinch, and tie tightly on one side to first bag. Repeat with remaining bags, creating a length of bags, but don’t snip last drawstring; use it and first drawstring to tie skirt at waist. Clip off excess drawstrings.

3. Rip and shred bottoms of skirt panels--we ripped more from top layer to make skirt fuller. Shred sleeve bottoms. For bodice details: From strips of bag, make 2 braids, each long enough to crisscross and wrap around arm twice; tie, and puff sleeves. Make a third braid long enough to crisscross around waist (for long strips, tape short ones end to end), and tie in back. Wear tights or slip beneath skirt. We used a long black skirt with white yarn and a long white skirt with black yarn--both look great. Wear a matching top. You may want to add a crinoline petticoat under the skirt for extra puff. The knotting and pinning of the yarn is easier if done when the skirt is on a dress form or a person. Cut 8 pieces of yarn, each the length of the skirt plus 4 inches; these will become the vertical spokes of the web. Tie a small loop at both ends of each length of yarn. With small safety pins, attach loops of yarn to the inside of the waistband and the underside of the hem, sliding pins through loops to secure, and evenly spacing yarn around skirt. For the horizontal lines of the web, cut 5 or more pieces of yarn, each of them measured to be at least twice as long as the circumference of the skirt at the point where you will place it; the yarn you fasten at the waist will be shorter than the yarn at the hem. Starting from the waistband, tie each yarn to the spokes, letting it sag slightly between them. Dab white craft glue on the knots so they won’t slip down the spokes. Space the horizontal yarns farther apart toward the bottom of the skirt, and add more sag.

Martha to wear ankle bracelet for 3 more weeks!

Good things come to those who wait -- and those who wait three weeks longer.Lawyers for Martha Stewart Wednesday confirmed that the domestic doyenne has agreed to extend her home confinement until Aug. 31.The move comes after published reports raised the specter that Stewart violated the rules of her sentence with an impromptu visit to an upstate yoga center and unauthorized use of an all-terrain vehicle on the grounds of her Bedford, N.Y., home.Her confinement had been expected to end sometime around Aug. 10, a date roughly five months after her release from prison.

On March 4, she ended five months of incarceration in West Virginia.The extension is a blow to the workaholic businesswoman, who turned 64 Wednesday. But the company she founded, as always, tried to put a positive spin on the unhappy news."We will be so happy to have Martha working without restriction at the end of the month," said Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia spokeswoman Elizabeth Estroff. Meanwhile, the players in Stewart's social life were anticipating her return."We're looking forward to seeing her again," said Manhattan restaurateur Keith McNally, owner of Schiller's Liquor Bar and Balthazar, both favorite haunts of Stewart.It's a safe bet that Stewart also was making plans for nights out at DB Bistro, or a private fitting with favored designer Ralph Rucci. But all that, and plans for her annual late summer trip to the Maine coast, will have to wait until September, according to the statement from Walter Dellinger, the attorney working on Stewart's appeal of her obstruction of justice conviction.

Chris Stanton, chief federal probation officer for the Southern District of New York, said Wednesday that an extension of home confinement could be implemented by federal authorities if there were minor violations of agreed upon conditions that "are not serious enough to warrant a full revocation of the supervised release."The terms of Stewart's home confinement only make allowances for work, church, medical visits and grocery shopping.Robert R. Rigg, a criminal law professor at Drake University in Iowa, said it was "rare" to see someone adhere to the terms of a home confinement "absolutely 100 percent.""The question is are they doing things that lead the supervising officer to believe this person is bending the rules for their use?" he said. Stewart's fall social calendar should remain unaffected.

"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," one of more than half a dozen upcoming business projects, debuts on NBC Sept. 21.An associate who recently visited with the detained diva said Stewart, in keeping with her new image as a changed woman, also would probably throw her social powers behind the issue of mandatory minimum sentences for first-time drug offenders.One place Martha won't be going is to visit "old" friends in West Virginia, where she was incarcerated at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp.Federal Bureau of Prisons policy requires that visitors to the facility have a prior relationship with incarcerated offenders.The fact Stewart made friends, like poncho-making pal Xiomaro Hernandez, doesn't count, prison spokeswoman Traci Billingsley said.


New York Businessman Designs Special 'Ankle Bracelet' Shoes for Martha Stewart Homecoming
Monday March 14, 5:00 am ET

Image hosted by

NEW YORK, March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Martha Stewart is getting a special pair of custom made shoes specifically designed to wear with her electronic ankle bracelet while she is under house arrest. The local businessman, Robert Yeganeh, owner of the retail chain Love My Shoes will unveil the shoes at a press conference at Monday, March 14th at 11:00 AM, 12 W.57th St., Suite 701.

After following all of the news reports that said Stewart's court-ordered ankle bracelet was the latest fashion rage, Mr. Yeganeh decided to create an outrageous, one-of-a-kind pair of shoes made to accommodate the famed "black box." Yeganeh owns stores throughout the NY metropolitan area and, as an avid follower of celebrity fashion, frequently designs shoes that fulfill a high- profile person's needs. He even gave Paris Hilton a pair of 14K, diamond- studded, custom-made size 11 shoes for Christmas last year.

"When I learned that Martha Stewart had to wear this special ankle box, I figured she'd need shoes that could fit around the anklet and be comfortable and fashionable," remarked Yeganeh. "If she wears them out before her five months of confinement are up, I'll make another pair."


These are his prototypes especially made for the woman burdened by the unsightly house arrest ankle bracelet. Cowl can be used with pearl pump as well.

Image hosted by
Pump with pearl waterfall

Image hosted by
Flat with Crochet Ankle Cowl

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

26 Broken Heels:

Gabi said...

martha stewart doesn't deserve a thing. that's ridiculous.

Joann said...

As I stomp my Reebok I say Yes ! Martha does too deserve the shoe!

Laniza said...

Would any other prisoner have a shoe designed especially for them? No! To echo Gabi, "Martha Stewart doesn't deserve a thing."

Tinker said...

gabi i was drinking some tea when i ready your post and almost spit it all over the keyboard. I was laughing just that hard.

now as to my thoughts on the matter, I have always liked Martha and have been a fan for many years. She has neat stuff!

I even won a halloween costume contest in one of her costumes that literally took 10 minutes to make. It was an entire witch costume...a skirt and a cape..made entirely out of black trash bags and a hot glue gun. Noone could believe how good it looked and that I had made it.

Does she deserve the shoes? I think not. I do think that it is crazy. It is really a ploy by the company to sell a few shoes. Martha did not commission them to design the shoes. It was something done by Love My Shoes on their own.

It is funny!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Tinker said...

Wwll..maybe some should be on sale. I would buy the coffee colored pair..the past pair in the post above this one. they are cute!

Anonymous said...

This guy is so FULL of IT.
All he does is for SELF ITEREST.

Anonymous said...

Everyhting Love My Shoes does is for publicity. Martha, Paris....what about the hundreds of thousands of women who can't afford to eben have a pair of shoes? I work for a charity that helps battered women get a new start - find work, go on interviews, etc. We approached Love My Shoes months ago for a donation of old styles and were turned down. I guess it is more important to have celebrites wear your shoes than people who REALLY need them.

Tinker said...

I would have to agree that it seems to be for publicity. i did read the blurb about the shoes for Paris hilton as well. that does not sound so good as to the refusal to donate the old styles. before the job i have now i used to work as a case worker for the department of social services and i too did a job in which we retrained welfare mothers to go back to work and we had businesses donate suits and clothes for interviews. it was tax deductible so if Love My Shoes could not give a donation once in a while, shame on them.

Rabbi said...


As One of the Rabbis of the owner of Love My Shoes, I am hurt by the comment, that the owner did not want to donate, As the owner is one of the biggest philanthropist that I know, and there must have been a miscommunication that day on the old styles, he is a real MENTSH.

Concerning Stewart-Hilton, he is a very talented young man, and never seems to miss an opportunity, and we wish him much success. G-D bless him, and may he make a great living, and continue to tithe.


Tinker said...

Rabbi, let's HOPE...."Hope" it was an misunderstanding. We were not in that transaction/conversation so we will never know for sure. The thing I DO KNOW is that normally when someone is working in the fields of social work, battered women, child protective services, the elderly, adult protective services, head injured adults, alheizmers, nursing homes..and let me say...I have had ALL of these jobs...there is NO misunderstanding of a "NO" from a business or any other place you are trying to get services from.

When you are in the business of lining up free services and free donations for people in your caseload we are armed with a list and are ready for a "no." We have to cross the "no's" off the list and move on to the next. No matter what, we have to get what the people in our caseload needs. I have heard a lot of "NO's" from businesses. Thank goodness there are more that say yes than no.

Maybe Love My Shoes could not make a donation at that time. No is okay. Someone else will donate. Coming from my background I believe the poster who said that they did not donate the old styles. Not everyone can or wants to donate. Some who do have their particular charities that they donate to.

At least he is giving to the church. That's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

so, why so infatuated with the love my shoes events
we never turned any one down for shoes for the needy, we did a whole year of dress for success, and did tsunami event and one in 9 breast cancer fund raiser.
if we can help we will.

Anonymous said...

Love My Shoes is the worst store ever when it comes to customer service. They treat their customers like garbage. The sales manager of the Oceanside store tells people he is the owner, when he is not. If you live on Long Island, go to DSW or MCM. Both have a much better selection and employees that go out of their way to help.

Anonymous said...

oh my god!!!! that is so true. they are the worst store ever. thier employees are the nastiest. i went in there once, NEVER again! they actually told me it was store policy not to check on sizes so if i wanted that shoe, tuff luck on me. try tuff luck on them. i will never give my business to such morons. i hope they go out of business. and by the way if you read this, Paris Hilton would NEVER be caught dead in your shoes or your store. NICE TRY!

Anonymous said...

are you 2 above nuts? what sizes r type shoes do you wear? size 14's? are you from some amazon place or mars?/
they re the buum at love my hsoes, the nicest people, and teh nicest shoes.
may be youre guys and gtta go to a mens store to shop, i ll freak out if they went out of business

Anonymous said...

i totally agree. love my shoes should go out of business immediately!!! i have never in my life dealt with such rude people.
it's like they couldn't care less about their customers. the owner instructs his employees to lie to customers. all the store policies are to benefit this store. this guy does NOTHING that serves anyone but himself. and about the comment above, it was most certainly written by a store employee. noone else would defend them. and by the way, learn to spell!! said...

I have no problem signing my name.
I hope the jackasses at love my self read this. Your store has the worst service ever. Your policies are terrible. Your owner refuses to return phone calls. Your employees are liars. I stongly believe what comes around goes around Hopefully karma will take care of Mr. Yeganeh.

Anonymous said...

This guy just wants the chance to put those shoes on Martha's feet himself. I know I would!

Anonymous said...

Shame on you!!
You foot kissers just want to get your hands on Martha's feet, don't you!
She just might let you give them a kiss while you put that shoe on her foot!

Infatuated by Martha said...

Couldn't help notice that this thread has lit up with posts about Martha's good looking feet. I for one would like to put some interesting shoes on her feet, and hope against all hope that she would favor me by allowing me to kiss her feet. I am almost certain that she would, if no one from the media were present or watching.

martha-fan said...

Most certainly any man would jump at the chance to make some shoes for Martha. Be careful, though, when you present them to her. She may not want her feet kissed by you, and you could wind up getting slapped or worse. You could at least beg, however, and see how that goes...

Tinker said...

hmmmmmmm! sounds like some people ARE indeed most interested in Martha's feet! :)

martha-fan said...

Well,it's not just Martha's feet for me. I'm interested in any reasonably good-looking woman's feet, especially if they are being displayed in pretty high heels, such as the ones Tinker uses for her picture. Martha is a very rich woman, and could have any man kiss her feet if she wanted. I know most ordinary women have attractive feet, and I'd jump at the chance to beg to kiss any of them. Not all at once, of course. Cyber-kissing of pretty feet? I'd do that right here if I could. Don't even have to wear the high heels, that would require me to ask if I could remove them to kiss everything.

Anonymous said...

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Roger Benson said...

the witch looks funny but shoes look ok