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Friday, March 11, 2005

Odd Shoes on the Road

Have you every really noticed all the shoes on the roadways?? Just one shoe. Not a pair of shoes. This has had me perplexed for the past 3-6 weeks. There seem to be odd shoes on the road everywhere I look. How can people just loose the one shoe? Why don't they stop the car and get the shoe they drop? How is it one shoe gets dropped on the road? Did they have their feet hanging out the window? If so, if they were shoes with laces, how did the laces get loose enought for the shoe to fall off.

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The shoes I have seen in the past 4 weeks-- and there are at least 3 pairs per week that catch my eye--have all been thrown over the overhead electrical wires. How does that one shoe stay up there. It is a real shoe mystery. There must be a conspiracy going on. People are purposely planting these one shoes just in my locations and roads that I travel. There just is no way it can be all that random. There are just too many shoes.

I wonder if I were to start collecting them , if maybe I would not end up with a pair?!

Really. The next time you are in your car, just pay attention to the wire overhead and the shoulder of the roads. I bet you will see a lot of shoes!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

7 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

Yes I've seen this too over the years.

Tinker said...

yes it is very strange! I was talking abotu this with jolly shoes at work and he said that he notices the same thing with baseball caps. he says that there are caps everywhere....they blow off as the drivers are driving and they never retreive them. i have looked for caps but i have not seen any yet..just shoes!

Terra said...

I see pairs of shoes. This post is super old, but I wonder what happens to the shoes too.

Anonymous said...

I see shoes on fm Rd 1976 near The glenn for about 2to3year now. all types up and down the hwy. what with the shoes. does anyone else notice this.

kit kat said...

what wih the shoes on fm rd 1976. all size and type. Has anyone else notice them.

nigelmartin68 said...

This has become a life long annoyance. My friends think I have lost my mind worrying about where they come from, but, they make me angry trying to imagine where they come from. I mean, how do they all get there, pairs and single. Hanging from wires I understand, I picture people walking home from the shops, they arrive in the house and look down to see only one shoe on there feet. Argh!

Anonymous said...

I found a white Nike Air on 73rd St. last week if anyone is looking for it.