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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Beach Shoes

Each year I do try to get to the beach at least 3-4 times. What is funny is people who go to the beach but do not dress for the beach. Jeans in 90 degree heat do not belong at the beach. Bermuda shoes with socks and wingtip shoes do not belong at the beech. (Now this would be my fathers outfit. ) He wears flip flops as shower shoes at home, but will not for the life of him wear them to the beach...when he should be wearing them. Now I have also seen people wearing those aqua shoes at the beach. I do not see much point in this either. Why do you go to the beach? To get sand and water between your toes. So what is purpose of those aqua shoes? Well, when I go to the gym I do see ladies in the pool wearing them. I can see that as they are doing water aerobics and are walking back and forth in the bottom of the pool. Plus, they would be good in the public showers.

I came across a great link for great summer flip flops. These shoes are handmade in Maui. Cute things, I must say but they are the most expensive flip flops I have seen. About $40 a pair with some lower and higher. They can be found at Sassy Slippers.

Image hosted by

I do shop some at Old Navy. They also have some standard beach shoes..Painted Flip Flops. 2 for $5.00. You can't beat that price.

Last summer I was window shopping with dirty Fila and she saw some blue sequined flip flops that she just had to have. There were on sale for about $6.00. They were a little high heeled for her , but I figured, they would be mainly beach shoes. Little did I know that those thin little chicken legs of hers would want to wear them everyday as her daily summer shoes. And wear then she did! And she is still wearing them. Here are her beloved shoes. A little dirty, but well loved.

Image hosted by

The bad thing about that shopping day was that she found a pair in my size as well and was almost crying that we needed to have the same pair of shoes so we could wear them at the same time and be like twins. Please tell me, what am I going to wear with light blue sequinned high heeled flipflops? Well, all last summer I somehow managed to get out of wearing them when she had hers on. Either it would not match my outfit or the place were we were going, I could not wear flipflops. Well, she let it slide last summer. She has already told me --about a week ago-- that she expects me to wear my flip flops this summer when she is wearing hers.

I guess I will have to do it. I think she is gettting suspicious! So if you see a mother and daughter on the beach wearing highheeled light blue sequiened flip flops, it will be us. Better have on your shades as those blue sequiens are very bright and shiny!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

7 Broken Heels:

Laniza said...

Awwww! How sweet!

Clublint said...

lol my daughter would just love you


Nzyme said...

Cute flip floppies!! Getting ready to post sandal pics as promised!!

princessdominique said...

The flip flops are cute. I like the black ones. They look like they have shells on them. Rainbows cost about $43 and aren't nearly as cute. Is there a sandal pic challenge? Let me know and I'll blow the dust off of mine!

pAnDaR~ said...

lol thanks for your comments :)

i like the black one too, reminds me of this roxy one that i had, but it died pretty fast, perhaps from over use =/ flip flops are sooo comfy :D

Joann said...

They should look fine with white.

Tinker said...

laniza..sweet but the reality is i have towear them! this summer! you know that when we go to barnes and noble with the same sandals on people will be looking!

clublint..thanks for stopping by please come again!

nzyme..i will be checking out that pic!

princessdominique: i do like the black ones also!

pandar: thanks for stopping by! you know i do not think i have ever worn out a pair of flipflops. i wear them but not enough to wear them out!

joann: that might be the only color..white shorts and a white tee!