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Friday, June 03, 2005

$20 Cheap Pink Suede Boots

There is a girl at work who is totally ghetto and so unprofessional that she does not know it. It is a sad situation because if you do not know that you are ghetto and unprofessional you do all sorts of things that are really embarrassing to yourself all in the name of trying to be somebody. We have a system at work where if another coworker assists you in getting some of your work done, you are to thank them—teamwork recognition. You fill out a form and put it in a box and at the end of the month all those employees with slips of paper in the box get candy. Something small but it is nice to be recognized by your co workers.

This girl who wears the cheap pink suede shoes---let me tell you about those shoes first. She is all too proud of pink suede boots she got at the FULL price of $20 at the mall at one of those urban stores that are in the mall one week and gone the next. You just know they may be fronts for some drug runners or something. She puts on those pink boots, jeans and a pink shirt and look out—Miss Ghetto Fabulous is in the Hizzouse! Makes me disgusted. She even has the multicolor hair/weaves to match.

Well I assisted her on her work by taking a call for her about 3 weeks ago. I wrote it down to remember who I helped as I knew that she would not be a team player and write me up. Today all the candy was given out and I got no candy from her. Now it is not about the candy. It is all about her NOT being a team player and that needs to be pointed out to her and management at every opportunity. She has so much to learn about the business world. I just do not think she will get it. EVER! All she talks about is going to the club.

What did I do? I wrote myself up and sent a copy to her, the manager and the people giving out the candy. My note said that basically that my write up for May was forgotten by her and may be an over cite. In addition I wrote that it was a shame I had to do my own wrote up because someone forgot. Of course she got loud and ignorant and ghetto with me, like I did something wrong.

I was expecting that reaction but I got my point across and management got to see another example of her not being a team player. She called me at my desk after getting her copy and asked if this was on her work very loud and angry. Of course it was. She asked why I did it as to letting management know . I told her that I had assisted her and she failed to do any employee write up for me and another employee that had assisted her with her work. She said she forgot. I told her that was what my note indicated and that she needed to be diligent in writing up people who helped her. She was still very angry. I told her no big deal… we were forgotten but I do not forget. I keep track of people I assist. She then slammed down the phone. She avoided me for the rest of the day and most likely will not speak for awhile.

I am just so disappointed! Not! With her not speaking at least I will not have to hear about any more cheap shoes/boots she has found at these very cheap urban stores at the local mall for awhile.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

RagDoll said...

Acckk! Matching weave and ghetto fab cheap assed boots. At least you won't have to see her for a while! Great blog!

2Vamp said...

Damn. That sucks.
Tinker, how old is this girl, anyways? 12?