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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bedroom Slippers

All I want right now are a nice pair of comfy bedroom slippers. It has been a very bad day.

Victoria Secret
Only $48

This morning I go to work as normal. About 10am I get a voice mail to call my mom at home. I do. She tells me that my father has fallen and has been taken by ambulance to the hospital. She said he must have tripped, hit his forehead on the corner of the cofee table and was a gash. She said his arm was hanging as well???

She has glaucoma and has decreased vision in both her eyes so consequently, she cannot drive anymore. I left work to pick her up and to go the hospital. It was an all day be seen by the orthopedic doctor for his arm. He broke his arm/shoulder and had a small gash to the forehead which was repaired by a stitch or two.

In the course of doing standard work ups and monitoring, they discovered that his heart rate was dangerously the 40's. So a heart test was done and it was determined that he has a blockage and most likely will need a pacemaker put in on tomorrow or the next day. The cardian nurse said that it was a blessing that he fell or his very low heart rate may not have been discovered. He simply would not have woken up one morning...his heart is beating so very slow.
Now I have double duty. Mom cannot drive so she will need me to be the taxi driver for all her appointments, trips to the grocer, whatever, for some time to come. When it rains it pours.

When I got home, I discovered a fly, then two , then three, then what seemed like 300. Where did they come from ? I have no idea. It is like a swarm has just appeared in the house. I am waging war with the fly swatter and Raid. There are so many it is creepy. Wasn't there a swarm of demonic flies in the Amityville Horror? These flies are freaking me out! How did they get in!!!??? It is not a fly or is like 100 flies. Really. 100 all collected around the downstairs windows. I can't get them! They seem to be multiplying!

I might have to rent this movie (Amityville Horror) again and the sequels.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

6 Broken Heels:

this girl said...

i'm really sorry about your day! i hope things get better for you and your family. thoughts are with your dad as he goes through this (and with you so you can get through all of it as well.)
take care!

Joann said...

So sorry about your dad. Scary to think about. His Doc. should fix him up. It is a good thing that they found all this now.

Flys will come down a vent, like over the stove, for some odd reason; in a group.

R. U. Serious said...

I want those shoes too!

Wait, did I type that where you can see it?

Damned If I Know

Tinker said...

This girl and joann: thanks for your warm wished regarding my father.

joann: the thing with the flies is weird. i waged serious war on yesteday and got most of them. I thought I had them all but i see one stray flying now. He will be gone to the great fly heaven in the sky before I go to bed tonight!

r.u.serious: yes i can see it. I want those slippers. the slippers i have now are just run of the mill slip on slippers. love your picture/atavar

Nzyme said...


I hope your father is well on the road to recovery. As far as the Amityville Horror, the latest one is the best. You actually learn a bit of the history of the Amityville hauntings. Anyway, I haven't e-mailed you concerning my situation yet, but expect one today. I really need some advice concerning my mom amd sister, who are alternative caregivers, i.e., CRAZY, INSANE BYOTCHES right now. Talk to you later!!

Tinker said...

thank you nzyme.. he seems to be doing ok. he had his first check up since the pacemaker was installed on friday. so far so. he still seems short of breath but we are having that checked as well. he is the stoic type.. will be at deaths door and not say anything is wrong. men!

lol! crazy insane byocthes ...just let me know.