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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Pimp and Ho Shoes for the Weekend

This past weekend I went to visit some east indian friends of mine from south africa. We went to dinner and had a great time. Then someone suggested we go dancing. I was wondering about that. Where can you go nowaways to a club where there is not a sign that says no athletic wear or weapons allowed? Well, we found a club and it was okay, a mixed crowd. I had not been to a club in about 16 years so I was feeling leary about dancing. The last time I danced, I was dancing to DEVO and Rock Lobster, doing the hustle, the pony and the pretzle. Disco was king! Heck, I had decided I would sit the whole night. I had not learned to "drop it like it is hot."

As we approached the entrance we saw woman dressed in underwear literally. I was waaaaay overdressed in slacks and a summer sweater. I did not have a hoochie outfit on. Then we saw men dressed like pimps. We thought there was a private party or something going on. We asked if it was open to the public and we were informed that we had come on the night of the Pimp and Ho Party. Yeah, that's right...pimp and ho. The cost, $10.00 a person if you were dressed as a pimp or a ho. If you did not have on a ho outfit the cost was $20.00 without a costume. That was about to make me want to go ...$20.00 for regular clothes.

I decided to negotiate the cost with the person at the door and he did agree to let us infor $10.00 each even thought we did not have on the right clothes. About 3/4 of the people were dressed as pimps or hos and the other 1/4 were in regular clothes.

Well that party was all about a trip to Vegas and spending money. The best costume would win. Well, I did not sit the whole night. I did get up and I danced for about 2 hours straight. They were playing the serious dance music. Today I feel old! Old and creeky, but I had a good time. When I saw some of those people dancing off beat and not to the music (I won't say what color they were) I knew I could get out there and try to shake a tail feather. So I did. I was a lot of fun.

The outfits were outrageous. The most crazy person was a man dressed as a ho. He had on a blonde wig, a midrift t/belly shirt that had 2 fake boobs hanging down so that the nipples were exposed beneath the shirt, a black mini skirt with money tucked in the waist and stripper heels. We did not stay to see who won but for thought behind the costume he should have my opinion. He also had some other accessories to his costume that I will just not mention. Okay....I will. He lifted his skirt and underneath he had either made or bought a costume of a giant vagina and he had that on. He was WAAAYYY OUT THERE! And that was not all he had either. Everyone else was just men dressed in pimp coats, hats, alligator shoes or shoes with the goldfish in the clear heels carrying pipm cups and wearing lots of bling and spinner bling. The women all looked like they just stepped out of Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs. Most had feather boas and were dressed in various fetish wear, corsets, victoria secret outfits, thongs under miniskirts with bras, fishnets and boots.

It was a lot of fun just to be in a club again. The music was good and I plan to visit those friends again to go dancing. Hopefully, it will be just a normal night and not a costumed party when we do go.

Want to really see real players in action?
The Players Ball is the answer.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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this is a hilarious story, why am i not surprised it happened in vega$?

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