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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cute Shoes and Walt Disney World

Always wear the correct shoes when going to Walt Disney World. I have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks and believe it or not decided not to blog. Now I have been having withdrawals so here I am again.

During the 2nd week of my vacation I took dirty Fila and my nephew to Walt Disney World and all I can say is, “what was I thinking?” The trip itself was magical and we had a fabulous time for the days we were there. It certainly was magical on my pocketbook. I went with $800 cash (determined not to use any plastic) and when I got home, I had exactly $13.59 in my wallet out of that $800. The money magically disappeared each day! And quick!

The “what was I thinking?” relates to shoes. The first day I wore a pair of 2 inch brown sandals with cork wedge heels. Now these shoes are perfectly comfortable at home for daily walking but they were murder after about 1 hours of constant walking/movement at WDW. I looked good. The shoes matched what I was wearing but please, I was having some bout of shoe insanity. After that first hour, I decided I had to go back to our resort and change. Yes, I had bought tennis shoes--3 pairs. So on when a pair and the world was a much better place.

I had bought 3 pairs of tennis shoes in case we got caught in a rainstorm and a pair got wet. I had a pair of new balance, nike and a pair of avias. So all was good until later on in the first day my nephew said that his feet were hurting. I grew alarmed. I asked why. He said that his shoes were too small. Well, that night he had a blister and I delved into great detail about his shoes. Apparently those shoes were from this past school year and he had grown over the summer to they no longer fit.

The only option was for him to wear my shoes. I gave him a pair of my less feminine looking athletic shoes and he was good to go after that! We got caught in the rain one day and our shoes got drenched. Luckily I had extra pairs.

I have learned my lesson. Cute shoes and Walt Disney World do not mix. Not even if you want to dress up for a dinner at the park. It still is a long walk/ordeal in “cute” shoes to get from a resort to a nice restaurant in Epcot (Italy, Japan, Canada) or at Chef Mickey’s or at the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. When you get there, you may look cute, but most likely you will be in pain and look like Quasimodo! I know! From experience!

Cute shoes and Walt Disney World do not mix!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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