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Monday, August 29, 2005

Don't Let HER Touch the Cake!

OMG! We have some people who do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom and these same people just love to volunteer to bring in food to share with others or volunteer to cut cakes at office or unit gatherings.

Not on my watch. Never again! Ever!

I seem to always have the misfortune or is it really fortune to see them not wash their hands. At least I know! Let's start with an old supervisor. At first I was unaware that she did not wash her hands.

What I was aware of, was that she would volunteer to be the cake cutter at unit functions involving eating. She would begin to cut and icing would get on her fingers and soon she was licking or sucking the icing off her fingers and putting her spitty hands all over the next piece of cake she cut to get it lifted onto a plate. Enough of us would refuse to eat cake. Finally not wanting to seem standofish at office functions, a group of us who did indeed wash hands often, agreed that no matter what, one of us would grab the knife and be the cake cutter. We would never let her get hold of the knife.

Things were good then when we had to eat cake at office gatherings. Then one day I came to the ladies room just as she was coming out of a stall. We spoke. She left without washing her hands. On several other occasions, I have seen her turn the water on and let just the tips of her index finger and forefinger one hand..ONE.. get wet. She would then shake off her fingertips...(I guess there was about 2 droplets of water there) and leave. So much for being sanitary!

Next there is a woman who had 20 cats literally. She runs a cat shelter/rescue out of her home and loves to bake things. How was I to know that you should never eat what she brings in? Well, She did bring in some muffins not too long ago and they looked good and I was hungry. I got one and it was sitting on my desk. I had not eaten it yet. I had gone to get a cup of coffee.

The second I got back to my desk the phone rings and it is one of my coworkers telling me not to eat that muffin. I told her she was crazy. Why would I " not" eat the muffin? She said that noone eats from her because she has too many cats. What did her cats have to do with the muffin? I told her I KNOW she washes her hands. I have seen her many times washing in the ladies room. My coworker said,"Break open the muffin with you hands." I did. I saw a hair.

I told her maybe that was a fluke. Sometimes a hair can get into something. She told me to do it at again. I did and found even more hair. She is an elderly woman with salt and pepper hair, so this had to be cat hair. I told my coworker thanks. I threw away that muffin and got another. Maybe the first one was a fluke. I broke open the new muffin. It too was full of cat hair. I made a quick trip to the vending machine and got some cookies and went back to my desk.

I saw a newer employee go to the plate and get a muffin. I ran out to her and whispered to her not to eat it. She looked at me crazily. I told her to break it open. Cat hair everywhere! I told her to pass the word.

The funny thing about this is that the coworker who made the muffins will think that people are eating them and will make more. Little does she know the "breakopen" test had to be done before it just goes in the garbage. Noone wants to tell her to her face that all her baked goods are full of cat hair.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

7 Broken Heels:

no milk said...

washing hands is the biggest way a person can help keep healthy. let's keep clean people!!!

no milk please

Rod said...

Way did I have to read this while I'm eating a banana Costco muffin? And someone has brought cake from home to share with everyone?
This is freaking me out.

Joann said...

I never eat anything "made at home" unless it is from my family.

Then the ice problem. A study showed that a very high percentage of restaurant ice is contaminated with fecal matter!

Tinker said...

no milk i am with you!

rod: you are funny

joann: i had not heard about the ice. that is sick. we have an office ice and water machine in out break room. now i guess i will be bringing in bottled water and drinking it hot at my desk.

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

I will definitely think 2x before taking any treats at the office from now on!!!

Tinker said...

i think you have too pink lemonade diva.. or watch people in the bathroom so see if they are sanitary people.

muse said...

And who's picking his nose in the restaurant kitchen? Solitary home-eating is tasting better.