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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Snoop Dogg Shoes

Snoop Dogg now has his own line of shoes, just like most of
those other rapp stars. I did happen to catch him doing on interview about
his shoes this past week on some some sort of celebrity news show like Access
Hollywood. He looked good. Compared to other interviews I have seen
where he looked drugged out of his mind, he looked clear and spoke very
succinctly about his shoes and what they meant to him. I was

Snoop Dogg has entered into a partnership with sneaker company
Pony and will release his own footwear line, "The One and Only," described as a
"a creative fusion of Snoop's signature West coast flavor and style with classic
Pony design."
A nationwide marketing and advertising campaign featuring Snoop
Dogg is currently being produced to support the line, which will hit stores in a
limited run in early 2005.
"I wore Pony's back in the day playing football
and always liked their style," Snoop said. "I'm excited to be a partner in
bringing the brand back and adding a little Snoop Dogg flavor, so get ready for
The One and Only!"

Killick Datta, the CEO of Pony International labeled Snoop
one of the "greatest entertainment successes of our time," and said that Pony
was committed to bringing forth a quality shoe.
"Pony is committed to
matching Snoop's high standards in everything we do under this incredible
partnership and it is clear by hisexclusive commitment to us that he has
confidence in our ability to do so," Datta said. "Snoop Dogg's versatility and
commitment as an artist along with his laid back persona has carved him a place
in entertainment and now fashion history.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

ChickyBabe said...

With his name on the shoes, they'd have to be hip and cool!

ghost one said...

got me some new biscuitz and their tight, i love these shoes well worth the $143.00 bucks i spent on em.
C's up hoe's down kiss my biscuits bitch!!!!!!!!!

giorgi said...

please say me how can i bue snoop dogg's clothes and shoes i like very much