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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

OkI have just a few thoughts on Katrina. I really have a lot but too many to express here so here are a few in a nutshell.

Looters: Shoot every last one of them. Shoot then dead on the spot. What the hell are you going to do with a tv or a microwave with no electricity? And no home to live in. Where are you going to plug that up at!??! Now MAYBE I can see the people who took food and water and diapers. I might have to look the other way, but grown men taking guns and appliances..shoot them. That may be harsh but most likely the majority of these people are the drug dealers and criminals of that city anyway. We would be better off without them. When I hear about the 8 year old girl who was raped in front of everyone right there in the superdome and then her neck was broken by her attacker, all I can say is SHOOT them. They are thugs and criminals.

The saddest stories

This was one of the saddest stories. Her husband had lung cancer and ran out of oxygen. When it ran out he died. She had a very hard time trying to get anyone to help her get her husband 's body to a hospital. She wrapped him in a sheet and finally after harsh words with someone and $20.00 later someone took her husband's body to a hospital.

The other is the story of the man who stayed with his family trying to ride out the storm. The house literally broke in two when the storm surge came. His wife told him that he could not hold her any longer and to take care of the kids and grandkids and then she was swept away. That brought tears to my eyes. The man's name is Harvey Jackson. I did see an update on him this morning on the weekend news. He goes to the place that used to be his home everyday to be in one with his wife.

What makes me mad!

The length of time for help to arrive. It took just too long! After I heard that troops had to come from Iraq to go to New Orleans, that made me think. There are no troops left to help in America. They are all overseas fighting and dying! Can we say, "terrorists, come on and blow America up. There are no troops left to defendpeople stateside or help USA citizens in a crisis!" Help was too little too late. And that whole levee system is a fiasco. That should have been fortified years ago.

When I was less than one year old my father was stationed in New Orleans. We lived there for about 9 months. I have never been back. I always wanted to go to Mardi Gras and see what that wild party was all about. I guess I may not ever get that chance. I heard to day on the news that the water will not be pumped out of the city until mid October. That is a long time to be under water.
It is a sad state of affairs there. Very sad.

If you want to help in any way here are some useful links:

The America Red Cross

Red Cross Family Linking info for missing loved ones

Hurricane Housing: Can you supply housing for the displaced from hurricane Katrina? You can at this link. Moveon.Org

NAACP Disaster Fund Disaster Relief Fund

National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters


Help Pets Abandoned in Hurricane Katrina

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