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Thursday, September 22, 2005

OOPS! Excuuuuuuuse Me!

Dear Evil Coworkers,

You too can get a big bonus like the one I got today. Try WORKING! Or putting forth a little effort by working late maybe one night a week for a month or so to get ahead, you too can get some recognition. Stop giving me the evil eye because that is all you did today after the morning announcements. Stop looking at me and then talking behind my back about how I got a bonus. Get off your duffs and do some work! Do something more than just the job or the minimum requirements. Jealousy has reared it's ugly head and it is not pretty.

Wannabe: learn what it means to be a team player and check the neck rolling, finger snapping attitude at the door when you come to the office. You come across as an angry blackwoman 24 -7. This does not work in the corporate world.

Snakeskin: what can I say about you? Only this..I will be bringing my pet mongoose to the office next week. Get to steppin' or slinking away!

Wingtips: the tides are turning it seems. You were the first to return work to me as you had too much to do. Suck it up people. You have to DO to GO somewhere. Move and shake people! Move and shake!

Finishing: Speak your own english and not mine! God help me, I get soo tired of the finishing. Now all of sudden you can't be interrupted because you have lists to work as your stats are low. Well, you have not worried about it all year. Why start now? It is too late to made a dramatic improvement before year end. There simply is not enough time!

Skank: What can I say about skank! Looking like you are dressed for the club everyday. A joke is what you are really seen as...loud and tacky! Don't be coming back to my desk all loud up asking me what I got a bonus for. Luckily the phone rang cause I was going to read you on the spot. I was not wanting to sink down to your level, but I would have just for that moment.

Stop hating on me. Start looking at your own performance. The higher ups are always looking. Really looking at us people of color to see what is WRONG and not what is RIGHT. We have to be better than everyone else and work twice as hard to get what some get just because they have blond hair and blue eyes. Take charge of your own destiny as only you can. Don't look at what others are doing because then you become just like crabs...crab soon as one gets near the top, all the others try to pull that crab right back down into the barrel with all the others. Look at yourself!

Excuse me for doing my job and doing it well. Excuse me for getting a little recognition for a job well done. Trust me.. it is overdue. I got it today but it is long overdue.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

4 Broken Heels:

ChickyBabe said...

Congrats on the bonus!

I laughed so hard reading your post. So many types of ex-colleagues I could recognise...

Tinker said...

Thanks chickybabe! Man, some people can really get on my last nerve at times!

2Vamp said...

Long time no visit! :)

Congratulations on the bonus. Am positive you deserved it and more!

And yes..... halfway across the world, in Singapore, I recognise ALL those unfortunates.

Tinker said...

2vamp..welcome back. it is amazing how "crazy" is the same all over the world! crazy co-workers!