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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Timberland Dilema

Timberland Shoes. I bought these:

Women's Nellie Premium Blue Nubuck

dirty Fila, she wants these:

Women's Lady Field Chukka

Why would anyone want pink shoes/boots? I can't see them being very versatile so I was reluctant to get those. I really cannot see the ones I bought, but at least they will go with any jean she puts on. Her tops will blend and will go better with blue. How would it look if she had pink ones, with jeans and say a red or an orange top? That is just too many colors. Those pink shoes will not go with many things.

I make her try on these everytime we go to the mall, hoping that the more she tries them on the more she will like that style in blue! She of course tells me she does not like that style and she hates the blue ones. Well she had better get to liking! I cannot return them as they were on sale and now past the return time. I got them for christmas.

Women's Waterproof Nellie Pink Nubuck

Now why am I so panicked? When I was little we were thankful for whatever we got under the tree. At times it was not quite what I asked for but whatever it was I used, wore, whatever. She will wear these Timberlands and be happy with them!
She will! She will! She will!
I will slap on a bow and call them Christmas!

Now some of these Timberland are very unique shoes. I know they are not for me, but they must be for someone out there.
Here is what I call the "Out of Africa" Timberland boot. Where, oh where would you wear this? Given the design, you would have to wear with a skirt at all times. Why hide all that tweed?

Women's Charles Street Darcey Tall Boot Gaucho w/Herringbone Canvas


I am not too fond of the Fold Down. It looks a little cheap! Not well made.

Woman's Fold Down

I do kind of like the Tall Mukluk Boot. Nice for winter.

These are very smart. I want a pair of these.

Women's Bezel 5 in. Lace up Cognac Smooth

These I must have. I am about hiking boots. Ever since that time many years ago when I was living in North Carolina, I have loved hiking.

Women's Chochorua Trail Hiker Brown w/Green
I used to live near the Eno River. It was my home away from home. I would go hiking in the woods at least once a week. I even used to go by myself most of the time. I did not have a lot of friends who were into hiking. After a while I did have a friend who would go with me. Lori was her name. I remember one adventure in particular. North Carolina is hilly and has mountains and one saturday morning Lori and I got up early and went hiking. I took a can of red paint to mark the trees so we could find our way out. We hiked into the woods about 3 miles. We are not talking a marked trail. Deep woods. We came to clearing that had some huge rocks and boulders. We decided to climb. I mean HUGE boulders. As big as a house or bigger with crevices. We climbed up and we had lunch up on one of these boulders. After a while, we decided to go. I froze. I could not get down. We had used our bare hands to climb up and we had no problems. I could not get a handhold or find a way to start down. I was about 18 feet up in the air. I got panicked.

Lori tried talking me down and talking me down and talking some more. Nothing was working. We decided that she needed to hike out and get the fire department/rescue to come get me. She did not want to go as she was not an experienced hiker and was not sure she could get out and if she did, she might not be able to get back to me. She said she did not pay attention to where I had been marking trees. Remember we had no path, we were just hiking in deep woods and underbrush. She had just followed me blindly in as I knew what I was doing.

We waited about another hour and just did nothing. Then we tried again and this time she was able to talk me down, telling me where to put my hands and feet to pick up the very slight indentations in the rocks I had used to climb up. That was a scary day. I was frazzled and did not see ANY of the red paint markers I had sprayed on the trees to get up in those deep woods. Luckily, once I got down off the rock I decided to just walk staight and we did finally get out about a mile away from the car. Can we say Blair Witch Project?
I swear it was almost like that!

I did spend many more days at the Eno River, many days hiking and eating on big boulders out in the middle of the water. Now eating in the middle of the river was tricky as well. Most of the time where you could actually climb out was calm. It looked like this only the boulders were much bigger. The boulders were about the size of a VW Bug. So once you got out to the boulder you wanted to eat on, you would rock climb or hoist your way up. They were slippery and one fall could give you a cracked skull, coma and a crooked smile for the rest of your life. You had to be very careful on those rocks.

Most days looked like the above. Well one day I was having lunch on a huge boulder in the middle of the river. The river was extremely low that day. There were some people walking on the riverside trail instead of the wooded trail. I had been out there for about a hour. When I saw the people they were about a half mile away from me. It was 2 women. They waved at me and I waved back. They waved again. I did not wave again. I continued to eat. They continued to walk toward me. It was just barely noticable, but the water sounded just a little louder and it seemed to be moving just a little faster. I thought it was my imagination. I looked at the water swirling around my boulder and it did seem to be moving a little faster.

The women got closer and yes, the water was definitely moving faster. I looked at the boulders that I used as stepping stones to leap frog my way over to the big boulder I was perched on and instead of the water being at their base, water was now swirling at their middles. Oh God, some sort of flash flood or rain/storm flash runoff from the mountains was moving my way. I left my bottle of wine, canteen of water and 1/4 of a sandwich and got to the first boulder away from the one I was on. Water was now moving very fast. I hopped, jumped as best I could to get back to shore. I had 9 boulders hops to get back. The water rose and by the time I got to number 5 the water was just peaking the tops of the stones I came over on.

If I did not get past the last few quickly , they would be submerged and I would not be able to use them to get back. By that time the 2 women had reached the area in front of me and they were urgently yelling at me to get to shore. By the time I got to the last boulder, the water was licking the tips of my shoes and the jump from that last stone to the shore level was wide. I had river mud and about an inch of water there when I first came out. There was a gully of river water swirling fast now. The two women linked arms at the wrist and one got out as far as she could and then reached out to give me her hand to get back in.

I grabbed it and got back to shore with their help. In all the years I had been visiting the Eno River, I had never experienced that. Either the river was very low when I was out there or it was very high and I could not go out at all. I guess I had never seen the transition. The two women were North Carolina natives and they said that this was a common occurrence. All of a sudden water from the mountains can just rush down causing a flash flood/raising of the water level. I was lucky. When I got on shore, I witnessed the boulder I was just on become submerged and what was once a calm river was now raging. My wine bottle and cantene were swept away. In about a hour the water calmed. It was still high but not rushing.

After that I did eat many a lunch out in the middle of the river on boulders, but I would pack up immediately as soon as the sound of the river changed. That rushing, swirling, deadly water can be heard coming long before it gets to you.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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