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Monday, October 03, 2005

Dark and Sexy Shoes

Halloween will soon be here and it puts me in the mood for all things dark and mysterious. Do shoes have a dark side? I fear they do. While I rarely go to the dark side with my shoes, there are many who do. These fetish shoes are interesting to say the least! These are for people with the love of fetish shoes! All shoes and more can be found at Fetish-n-Leather.

These shoes I am truly afraid of. What the hell are they? How on earth can anyone walk in them? Be afraid! Be very afraid! They have the full boot version also. (EEEEEEEKKK!)

5 inch Spike: $36
A little of bondage. I can deal with that. These I would wear. They are sleek and sexy!

8 inch spike heel: $62
These are just too high. Who can walk in 8 inches? To me these look like hooker shoes. I do not see how you would walk upright in these.

8 inch spike heel: $74.00
Well, this looks like something a female "Edwina" Scissorhands would wear.

Spike metal heel: $49.00
Sexy but so very high. 10 minutes might be the max for walking.

6 ich spike metal heel: $88.00
These I would wear also. Different but I would wear these.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Anonymous said...

What did you find


Anonymous said...

I don't think you would want to own any of these shoes, once you see the poor quality with which they are made. Unlike good leather, which is expensive but can last for years, these are made of cheap polyurethane plastic that actually begins to decompose after a short time-- particularly where the material covering the heels is glued on.

The 8" platforms may be walkable because they are platforms, so that your feet are not sliding down 8" slopes. On the other hand, even those platforms look high... I'm not sure I'd call them "hooker shoes," though, just because some hookers (and dancers) might like them.

As for the ballet "What the hell are they?" heels, they are bedroom wear, is what. I'm not into bondage, but some people are...

And you would be doing very well indeed to walk for even 10 minutes in the "screamers" (the 6" metal heels, made by Pleaser, which they call "Scream"). Any 6" single-soled (no platform) heels take extra practice to walk in, but some have better arch support than others. Though Ellie and Pleaser are on the higher quality end for plastic shoes, they're still... plastic. The boots may be more walkable than the ankle strapped pumps, since boots naturally provide more ankle support.

As for the pumpkins, I don't think those will be in fashion for a few years, yet... :)