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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Made for Walking? Not!

These shoes I bought about 2 weeks ago and have worn 3 times. I love them..absolutely I do. They are called Rebel by Matisse available just about anywhere. I recommend them to everyone. I get lots of compliments when I wear them. Now I don't know if they are still not broken in or if they are not made for walking but those pointy toes are killer after 2 hours of walking!

Last night for some halloween fun, I took dirty Fila and her best friend Jen on a Haunted Walking Ghost Tour! It started at 7:30 and we got done about 9:30 with the tour. It was cold so we were all bundled up in coats, hats, scarves and mittens. I debated before I left if I should wear tennis shoes. I decided to wear boots and I decided on the Rebels. Why? I do not know. I have about 3 pairs of hiking shoes/boots I could have worn. They would have been ideal. I had worn the Matisse to work and they had been comfortable all day so I just kept them on. Now the walking at work is just from my office to the copier or the fax machine. Not 2 hours of walking in the dark on uneven streets and ending up in a very dark cemetary with broken slate walkways between the tombstones and crypts.

We arrived at the tour gate at 7:15. There were so many people sceduled there were 4 tours being led at that time. They all left within 10 minutes of each other. We were the last tour to be called. The guides would come out of the darkness(most in costume), call out the names in theor tour and off they went. The guide we had came out go the darkness dressed in a black cape like the Phantom of the Opera, a white frilly shirt and a large walking staff topped with a large human skull. Just like this one only it was a real skull.

The adults on our group just looked at each other and smiled. The other 3 guides just had some sort of halloween hat on.. no garb. dirty Fila was freaked right away. She immediatley said she wanted to stay between me and Jen. I kind of laughed and said out loud so that all could hear, that if he is dressed like that we MUST have the best guide they have. He did his introductions and we were off. The first stop was a local church with a grave yard we could not get into. He told us the story of a ghost captured on film by a tourist about 9 years ago of a woman kneeling by a grave. The story was the woman had a stillborn child on June 10 and she died on June 16th hundreds of years ago. She comes back to tend to her child's grave. That was the image he showed us by flashlight. The picture that the tourist took some years ago. Her ghost kneeling by the grave of her child.

We walked on to a restaurant haunted on the 2nd floor by the old woman Zoe who used to own the house. She is an angry ghost who behaves like a poltegeitst-mad because her house is now a restaurant. The first floor is haunted by a dead dog that is buried inthe front yard. If you eat there, you can feel the dog brushing by your legs as you sit. After that it was on to the a haunted hotel, a very dark city park--with 15 minutes spent under a spooky old tree listening to how guests in local hotels have woken up to heads of dead people floating over them in the morning or next to their beds. dirty Fila was WAAAAY over the whole thing, but we had to travel on.

The final stop was the cemetary. We had to walk on graves. The slate walks were not there about 5 years ago. They moved head stones but not people to get the slate walk in. We had about 20 minutes in the very dark recesses of the cemetary with one flashlight that the guide had. He told us the true origin of the phrase "saved by the bell." It originated centuries ago when medical science was not what it is today. Many people who fell into comas may wake up in the crypt. After several people were discovered months later by the door of the crypt dead, apearently having woken up after coma, the practice of tying a bell on a long string to the dead person's wrist was adopted. The bells were outside the crypt and there was always a caretaker back them. When and if the person woke up, they would ring the bell and they were then dug up...saved by the bell. Our guide also showed us pictures of spirit orbs taken by other tourists in the same cemetary at the very spot were standing. I looked at dirty Fila and I could tell she was about to cry. I winked at her and told her it was just about over.

A few more tales of hauntings and he led us back out over the slate path, over many grave and out of the locked gate. Funny thing is, on our way out of the cemetary, there were some boys having a cookout IN the cemetary. We walked right by them. They had hotdogs, smores and were huddled around a small hibatchi grill. They were happy as clams to be grilling among the graves. Once our guide got us outside the gate, he asked us if we knew where we were. He was leaving us, he was not walking us back to where the tour started. We were about 3 blocks away. He gave us directions, disappeared back into the cemetary and pooof! into the darkness he vanished. This freaked dirty Fila out even more. He just left us at the cemetary!

Well, dirty Fila could not wait to get back to the car. Neither could I as my toes were cramped. We went to get something to eat and home we went. dirty Fila was terrified. She could not sleep, wanted to sleep with me, wanted the lights was a rough night. She said she had nightmares of old woman Zoe chasing her and when she got close, she would go right through dirty Fila and would keep on running. She was a little better today. So are my feet. I still love my rebels. They are not made for walking. Here are some other lovely Matisse that you may want to consider if you decide to visit your local cemetary on a dark night with no flashlights for a ghost tour.

Alps $159.50

Swiss Mule $96.95

Thief $89.95

Rancho Boot $138.95

Buckle Boot $139.95

Oklahoma $168.95

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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