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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Shoes on the Table

Today I feel exhausted. Like I cannot put one foot in front of the other. I even left work 2 hours early today to get some rest. Funny, I could not wind down to rest during the day. So I tarry on. Exhausted.

The staff is still dropping like flies. One of the new hires who has been at work all of three weeks has just been snatched up by the competition. I spoke to her..$5000 more per year. Who could pass that up? Makes me think I need to get my ducks in a row and check out Monster myself! 2006 might just be the year of the move.

I am on the committee that does event planning for the things. Normally that is fun. A chance to have an office outing or luncheon together. Now it seems to be a hard thing to do. It is almost like we were under the rule of Saddam before and now we have to vote to have anything. Now as it turns out , instead of the commitee just planning and announcing we will be having this or that party, we have to vote whether to have a party at all. Now, we get lots of "No" votes. Noone wants to do anything. The thing is, it would be free food and time away from the office or desk. Who would want to give that up? I would kill for time away from the dreaded phone. We have to use up that money or loose it. The company can't give it to the employees at year end.

I spend alot of time composing PC emails requesting that people vote for this or vote for that...majority rules. The funny thing is the complainers who started this whole "voting fiasco" do not vote. They just say... whatever.

I bet Walter Steed is tired. Him and his three wives who are all sisters. How do you keep three woman happy? Does he take turns to have sex, or do they all share the same room all the time? He needs to be fired. As a judge, he needs to live like the rest of the "normal" people spouse at a time. We have some mormons at work who swear that polygamy is not practiced anymore. I just looked at them today with eyebrows raised when I heard then discussing it. I bet he has an neverending prescription for viagara. With that homely wife, he may need it.

Hamma. Hamma. Hamma. Please don't google em!

Hammer what happened here? Dang!

MC Hammer has joined the blogging world. He recently visited Google. Visitor Badge. Hammer blogging with his blackberry. Hammer eating lunch..and drinking Snapple ...good lord what is that he is eating? His lunch companion looks so very interested. She must not realize the power of the Hammer!

Shoes Closer to Home

dirty Fila and her middle school drama. What next? What NEXT! As I pull my hair out. I have a guy I have been seeing for quite some time. Years. He does not live with us. He does come over one night a week to stay, well after dirty Fila has gone to bed and he leaves for work before she gets up. The most she sees is a few dinner visits during the week on occassion and phone calls everyday. She now becomes upset whenever he calls me on the phone. She says he calls too much. Every waking moment is spent with her and I have tried to spare her my relationship. She says phone calls are too much time away from her. Can we say crazy? When we talk we may speak for about 10 minutes in the early evening and that is about it until she goes to bed.

I am not sure what this is about. I spend all my time with her. She has spent limited time with him. He is a math guru so when her homework looks like greek to me, I call him and he can get her on the right path. He will help me in those desperate moments with her homework. If the car breaks down and I am stranded and cannot get to dirty Fila, he has on occassion picked her up, picked me up, helped with the car problem and whatever else. When she was smaller and was not picked up from day care on time , it costs and has has cost me $1.00 a minute for every minute late.

I guess this is some sort of powerplay or jealousy? I can't understand it. He has been a constant for about 5 years. He is never in contact with her...or very limited to those few breakdowns or homework. The only thing she sees are the daily phone calls. I plan to talk to her this weekend about it. I think she needs to realize that I need to have friends, both male and female and that at times, I do have to spend time with others, but it in no way is taking anything away from her.
Motherhood. Joyful. Yes it is!

Middle Age

Middle age must have snuck up on me when I was not looking. I was putting makeup on this moring and low and behold I found a chin hair. A Chin Hair! I looked at it in horror. Then I got the highest power magnifying mirrow I had and looked over my entire face, one pore at a time. I found 3 chin hairs and 1 nose hair that was sticking out the tip of my nose. Can we all say mortrified! I have no sorts of hair remover so I just shaved the chin hairs off and clipped the nose hair. I will not have to invest in hair removal products. I am not a fan of plucking. That hurts.
Getting old sure is hell! I just can't see me trading in my heels for the orthopedic shoes just yet.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

Poor Tinker, chin hair and a child. Sounds like jealousy. Are you sure she does not know about the overnight?

Tinker said...

the bad thing Joann is that i went out and bought some wax. used it. did not like the stickyness of it, but thought i had gotten them all. I was in the car, in the sunlight and just happened to look in the rearview mirror. I found another on the right side of my chin that was invisible it was so light. OMG! it is worst than i thought. I have entered the world of "Ma'am."

I wonder about the overnight. She m ight and that might be the problem. i guess i will have to do some more fishing with her to get to the root of the problem.