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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Peek-A-Shoooe!!!! I am back! Thank the shoe!

Hello all! I have been without a computer for a few weeks. Can we say serious panic and fear and gnashing of shoes when there is no blogging!!? After many phone calls to the DSL provider and the computer help line, it was determined that it may be the power supply. I was just crazy! I had so many family picture files that I had not printed out and work documents that I did not back up on any sort of disk! I was a "no computer shoe lunatic!" And the worst of novel from the Nanowrimo 2005 was on there and not a copy anywhere else.

After calling around about the power supply, I determined that all these computer repair places just want to run up a bill. Every place I called wanted to do all sorts of diagnostic tests and charge by the hour for labor for the tune of $150 minimum, then after that, they would install the new power supply. Could I do it myself? I decided to buy it and do it myself and hope to god-shoe that was the problem. I would then begin to back up files and print those pictures or at least get then on a disk! Well I finally bought the power supply from Best Buy on yesterday and tried not to get electrocuted. I did not have a grounding strap. I just stayed in contact with the outer case at all times.

Today around 6 I began the installation. All went well. It was the power supply and not the entire hard drive crashing into the screen of blue death! Thank my lucky shoes! I am so happy! I would even consider giving up a pair of shoes! I put that outer case back on the CPU and replugged everything in and pushed that little green button! Never has a green glow been so welcome! I can blog again. I can renew my love of shoes! I will be backing up files this week and weekend.

Something else I noticed. My wrist does not hurt anymore. It got some rest. I was thinking I was getting tendonitis or carpel tunnel or something. I began to have tingling in both wrists after a lot of blogging. I type at work all day and then come home and type for many more hours at night. My wrists were about to give out.

I see that many of the regulars did leave comments on posts. Thank you! I will get around to answering them and visiting your blogs to see what is going on with them. I have been out of touch. I could not get on at work. Firewalls! Damn then corporate internet watchers. I had been doing some blogging at work in the early fall. Then we got a memo that we all had to sign that we could not visit blogs or blog at work because the "work big brother internet police" were watching and it looked like our company was "sponsoring" or in favor of "certain blog" sites because employees were blogging. I like my job as it pays the bills and I do not want to get fired for blogging so I stopped visiting my blogs at work. I did send an email post or 2 but they watch emails also. So I decided not to do that either.

I am wading thru the emails. Faithful Wayne has sent me many a site/article I need to check out. Don't give up on me...efriends! When you see few posts from me, I am bogged down in some sort of computer problem. I will catch up within the next 2-3 weeks. Can we say proud of me? I can take a computer apart and change the power supply and this was with no help from anyone. I just read the instructions that came in the box and paid close attention to the wires before I disconnected everything. I guess you can call me a shoe lover with the heart of a true geek inside! I still am not on the geek level of Rod, but I am gaining ground.

Happy shoes are here again

The heels are high and new again

Let us sing a song of shoes again

Happy shoes are here again!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

The Mad Dater said...


I'm glad you're back. I was about to put this on my Where are They Now list. Glad to see ya learned a new skill as well - lol. I'm the same way.. if I can do it myself I will at lest that way of I F something up... I'm the only one to blame.

I look forward to your upcomming posts

The Mad Dater,
"Because there's a Bastard in all of us"

Joann said...

All I can say is glad you got fixed.