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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Terror and Shoes in the Middle of the Night

I had a scare last Wednesday. It was about 3am in the morning and I heard a large crash near the front door. I jumped up out of a sound sleep and ran down the steps that led downstairs. Near the front door there is a window and I could see a red glow. I had no idea what that was. I was in a fog and did not know what was going on. I was panicked and terrified. I heard loud revving noises as well. What the hell was going on?!

Then I heard another crash and this time it was from the upstairs roof. The roof overhangs the front porch. I thought someone was on the roof now trying to get in. I grabbned the phone and dialed 911 and ran into the upstairs bedrooms to see if someone was trying to get into one of the windows. Silence. The revving had stopped and then I peeked out the upstairs blinds and saw a large pick up truck right near my front door. Then the next thing I saw was tail lights as it sped away.

I was still alarmed. Was there someone up on the roof trying to get access to the 2nd story windows? I watched and waited for the police. Earlier I had jabbered out what I was sure was complete dibberish to them on the phone about a pole, a truck and a breakin . I was sure that someone was breaking in. I am in a short culdesac and I saw a police car drive by the culdesac entrance but he did not come in. He left. I went down stairs and waited by the front door. Silence. I peaked out the blinds on the very skinny window on one side of the front door. There was a pole, a telephone pole that had a light on it now leaning on my rooftop.

The base of the pole was snapped (that must have been the first crash I heard) and the light part was on the roof--the 2nd crash I heard. Great! Was a man shimmying up that pole? Still no police. I can back upstairs to the upstairs bedrooms to see. dirty Fila was up there and don't some of these pedophiles take girls right from the house? I saw nothing but the light and pole on the roof. I called 911 again. Now I really do get the full meaning of "911 is a joke," by Public Enemy. I think Flavor Flav was one of the key singers in that one. (He is so tore up from the floor up!)

I called 911 again and a woman said that he had already been out and saw nothing. Okaaaaaay! I told her I saw a car in the distance but he never came to the house. She put me on hold and then the officer came on and asked how he could help. I told him what happenend and that I was unsure what was happening outside but someone needed to come and check out the house. I wanted to be sure someone was not trying to break in. He then said that the dispatch woman reported the call to him as "unknown truck hit a light pole." No real emergency. I told him that was the very last thing I told her but my first concern was a break in. That was why I was calling. I told him if there was I would already be dead messing around with the poor comminucation that I was having to deal with tonight. He said he would be back in a few minutes. He asked me to be outside waiting for him. HELLOOOOOOO! I was not opening the door!

I threw on some clothes and shoes and went to the front door and waited. What shoes? My Bass suede shoes. Flats. Easy on and off.

I watched out the window and he came back to the house. I told him what happened and he did not see anthing unusual around any of the windows or doors. He said he did not think it was an attempted breakin.. but most likely drunk person in a pickup truck driving badly. He assured me that all was well, gave me a business card and told me to call the eletric company about the pole.

I called the electric company. They would be out in the morning. I of course was wired and stayed up for the rest of the night, unable to sleep. I sat on the sofa and waited for daylight to come, phone in one hand and a large kitchen knife in the other. I must have dozed off because I remember dreaming of running thru the streets, sewers and old abandoned buildings being chased by bearded men in pickup trucks. I was no good whatsoever the next day at work.

I told one of my coworkers what had happened and they suggested that I take a concealed weapons course and get a gun. Just in case I really did have to "handle" someone breaking in. I am not keen on this at all, but this scare has definitely made me think about it. I might end up being a mdmber of the NRA.

Maybe I can defend my self with shoes. There are some really scary ones out there. Kind of like these. These are weapons. I just have to get close enough to use them.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

laniza said...

My vote? Shoes over guns, anyday, lol! Seriously, though, I'm glad that you and Fila are okay.

Tinker said...

laniza: thank you. it was a bad night that was. the light has not been replaced and now it is very dark outside my house. if it is not replaced by next week i will call and see if it is in the works.