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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Miami Vice Shoes

Today I have declared it Miami Vice Day at my house! I am about the Crockett and the Tubbs. Especially the Crockett. I remember staying at home on Friday nights just to watch Miami vice. There is no greater tv police crime sitcom than Miami Vice. Now I love all the CSI's, Law and Orders, Cold Case, NCI. I watch them all and love them all but still none compare to Miami Vice. I used to be desperately in love with Don Johnson. God, he was dreamy!

I was able to buy season one and season two of Miami Vice on dvd about 3 weeks ago. That is what I am doing today. Watching season one! Those pastel colored mens shoes. I just love them. And let's not socks!

Now I hear that Jamie Foxx and Colin Farell are perpetrating a fraud! Pretending to be Crockett and Tubbs in Miami Vice! NOT! For some reason I just cannot see Jamie as Tubbs.

Collin might be able to pull off Crockett if he keeps the 2 day beard look. He needs to loose the mustache. That is not working. This hair is not working. Looks a little samuri-ish.

Will I go see this movie? I am not sure. I might just have to buy seasons three and four of the original Miami Vice on DVD and be happy with that.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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Anonymous said...

Don Johnson wore a shoe called Lounge Lizards lounge lizards where in biz for 1986 to 2004 . i have 3 pairs of lounge lizards . you can look at there old web page or