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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Shoe Emergency

On saturday I was out trying to find a new pair of shoes for dirty Fila for Easter. We were debatng what she was goning to wear out of two different outfits. A beautiful yellow suit that needed the skirt to be altered with her white dress sandals from last year or buy a new dress and shoes that needed no alterations. We did both. In the end, I altered the skirt for the yellow suit and she wore it with her white dress sandals from last year.

Before that final decision, we also went to the mall and scoped out all the dresses in the junior departments and the adult sizes in a 4. It was an all day trek. I wore the wrong shoes trying to be cute on a saturday. I started the day in these and all was well until the third hour of walking.

Now I did say in this post here that these were great for 8 hours. 8 hours at the office! Where you are up and down and walking back and forth to the fax or copier. For constant mall walking after those three hours, I felt like I had been doing the Stiletto Heel Workout. I was about done in. I had to go home and change shoes.

But still, what was I thinking? I changed into these, thinking that they were wedges, not heels and they should be more comfortable.

We went to a different mall and an outlet store, still shopping. Well, they were more comfortable and my feet felt like there were in a dream for the first hour and a half. They were just too high for more mall walking. Plus my feet were already done in by the first pair above. The last store of the day was Target. I was debating going home again and changing shoes, but we had found a dress and a pair of shoes for dirty Fila. I needed to go toTarget for some household items. You know how busy a Target can be on a saturday. There would be no quick in and out and that was why I was debating going home again for another shoe change.

I decided to make it to Target before going home for the final time. I was just about hobbling and walking very slow. Then I remembered, Target has shoes! I could get something flat to wear so that I could get out of those wedge heels. I hobbled over to the shoe department and found a pair of cute, but " oh! so comfortable" flip fops! I tried them on, cut the tags off right on the spot and wore them as I shopped for what I needed from Target. I carried the tag in my left hand and my shoes in the other hand, just in case a swat team of police swooped down on me trying to say I was stealing a pair of flip flops by wearing them. I had no problems. I shopped for an hour with my feet in perfect heaven, flip flopping around.

When I got to the register to check out I handed the clerk my cut tag and she asked where the shoes were. I told her I had them on. I showed her heels in my hands and she smiled and said she knew all about that. Women are one in the sisterhood of the stiletto or the high heel shoe. We are also one in the sisterhood of the flip flp when the heels are too much. I guess for the summer these will be my shopping, mall walking shoes. Heels for mall walking? Not any more. Not by this shoe fanatic! I have learned my stiletto, high heeled, shoe wedge, flip flopping lesson!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

my poor dear. i do hope you have recovered fron this stress filled event.

C-mo said...

Check out this story on shoe trends and feet ...

Tinker said...

rev billy bob gisher: yes I have and I have learned my lesson.