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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Feuding Shoes

What happens when my shoes discover some wrong things that finishing shoes had done in some files of mine? We become feuding shoes. Well not really. She got busted and now she is mad at me for something that she did wrong. Now how does that make me the target of her displaced anger? Why is she not mad at herself for doing the wrong thing?

What is it all about? Well, I was on vacation a few weeks ago and she happened to work on one of my files and completed it...or so it looked. She completed one portion and just closed another portion without completing it. She changed the file to her name so that she would get credit for that file completion for the month of April. Well, the first day of May she changed the closed fileback to me...incomplete of course and it came up for review and was pulled in a batch for review. I in the meantime get a call about the incomplete portion, see what has transpired and the dates and know that if it is reviewed, the big wigs would think , I did that. Hell now! I checked the dates, I was on vacation so it could not possible be me! I wrote that in the file and requested the file to work on the imcomplete portion.

The bigwig who pulled it had to give it back to me. Finishing shoes got called into a side room for that. Now she is not speaking. She sits in the same pod as me. The thing is it does not matter. She seems to think I am greatly affected by her not speaking. I am but not in the way she thinks. I have silence, I can work in peace. I do not have anyone finishing my sentences.

She is an associate, a coworker, not a friend. People at work do not have to be my friend. We only have to be civil and work together. That is all. So people being mad and not speaking is waaay beneath me. It is childish and petty. I do not have time for it. This works for me because the new girl who never stops talking sits nearby as well so she is a chatterbox that never shuts up. Between the two of the, I am constanly interrupted. So, to me it is all good. Silence is golden! I hope she keeps on those feuding shoes for at least a month more!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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