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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Punjabi Jutti

The shoes of Bollywood are pretty but they seem to have no support as they are so flat. Now I would really have to try a pair on to say for sure. They are very inexpensive as well. I think they would look good with summer dresses.

$23.00 ~~~~~~$34.00

There are many more styles on the pages
where these 2 are located. The wedding selections are very pretty.

A little history about the Punjabi Jutti or beaded shoes is very interesting. It sounds like it may be a lost art or one that becomes very rare given modernization. There are people trying to keep the traditional ways of making these shoes survive!

Till recently, the cobbler was one of the essential workmen of the village community in North west India including Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & kashmir. He was entitled to have the skins of all animals dying a natural death, or to share themwith the village sweepers. Apart from his right to the skins of dead animals, he also got a share or fixed amount of produce, which varied from place to place. In return he was required to supply shoes to the whole family of his patrons once or twice a year, and to provide cattle thongs, plough gear, headstalls for cattle and other leather products of agricultural utility.

With modernisation and machines taking over for most manufacturing activities, the punjabi jutti was slowly losing its presence and glory. And so most of the craftsmen were looking for alternative means of occupation. Manufacture of Punjabi juttis or Khussas needs no machines. It only needs recognition. The craftsmen are still there. What is needed is someone who would admire their products and buy them.

Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri graduated from NIFT in the late 80's. Today she is known as the diva of Indian fashion. Ritu Beri stepped into the industry with the launch of her studio 'Lavanya'. Success was instant for her. Her collection became so famous that it was a complete sellout even in the International fashion capitals across the world.

Ritu Beri is a rare combination of beauty with brains. She has provided "oomph" on the fashion circuit. Apart from creating designs Ritu has written a book 'How to Look your Best'. She also won an award for this. Ritu BeriShe then launched another label 'Sanskrithi' which spoke about the Indian ethnic scene. Beri till date has designed uniforms for many corporate and institutional customers like Hotel Hyatt Regency, Delhi Police Band, Delhi mounted Police, Citizen Warden and Indian Olympic Association to name a few. Her uniform designs have been widely appreciated by the media, fashion gurus, critics and high profile personalities. She has also made clothes for Maneka Gandhi's welfare group People for Animals (PFA).

She is the first Indian designer to present a collection in Paris. Her style and elegance is impeccable. Today her designs have become a highlight in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, USA, London and Paris. Beri's ready-to-wear line is an impressive couture collection that had the French media raving about her.

This shoe looks to be more contemporary! I really do like this one!

These are handcrafted out of superior quality leather and embroidered with beads in various patterns. All juttis are soft and comfortable to wear. Customized designs and embroidery can also be done with beads of any color. Match these juttis (indian beaded shoes) with your dress for the occasion. These juttis are normally flat, but heeled versions are available in some styles.

More styles at this link:

Now she is not wearing any shoes. Her toes look like they have been dipped in red paint or a dye of some sort.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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Anonymous said...

The red dye on the woman on the bottom picture is probably henna, if you wanted to replicate it.

Women Designer Shoes said...

We have lot of designer in punjabi jutti.