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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Seirra Trading Post: Shoe Sale

We are talking $19.99 and less for some things!! They are having a great sale for their 20th anniversary. Some of their shoes are even at closeout prices. Shoes that were over $100 are now at 20 and 30 dollars. They have over 1000 items at 33-85% off. I have checked out their shoes and they have a pair of ski boots that I need to get for dirty Fila for a ski trip next winter now priced in the $30 range. They don't just have shoes but other clothes that are on sale as well. Be sure to check the sale out. They do have some great prices. There is a coupon! Happy shopping!

Sierra Trading Post
Sierra Trading Post

This is the pair I want to get for dirty Fila. Last year she had the opportunity to go to Winter Park and was scared to ski. I did find some boots at Dick's Sporting goods last year which eventually went back because she bailed and did not want to go. This year she said she is going. These would be perfect for her. I may get a pair too. We may not ski but we may snowtube. That is more our speed. Close to the ground and not up on wobbly skis.

Click pictures for more details. They used to be$110. Sale price $37.46

Classic Uggs are about $50. Not the best colors left, but cute.

I am all about hiking boots! Love this one!

Sperry topsiders are on sale!

These Sperrys are only $19.86!

Stuart Weitzman Slides: $99.95

These Vaneli sandals are way cute! Only $19.86

They do have a whole lot of things on sale now. I know they are most likely clearing out and making room for the new fall things soon to arrive. I don't know about you , but I live for sales. I try to do most of my shopping when it is on sale. There are very few items I will buy at full price. Now some shoes DO fall in that catagory. If there is a shoe I must have, I will get. I am talking about other household things and clothes. You know what I mean. TTFN!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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