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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stilletto Heel Races!

Now tell me if I am wrong, but these women look serious. Like, get in my way and you are dead! Do not get between them and $10,000.00. This race was held in Amsterdam. 150 women raced in high heel stilletto shoes for 75 meters. Their heels had to be at least 7 centimeters high. The winner was Nancy Hamper Awl. Full story here.

Frogman says that in Moscow they too have the high heeled race. Given the info he left, there will be a race there in Augst 2006. Now these women seem to be even more serious that the ones in Amsterdam. They have even taped their shoes to their feet so that they do not come off! More pictures of the entire race here.

Now the two women on the end to the right are airborn, they are running so fast!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

10 Broken Heels:

Darkstar said...

The perverted fetishist in me now realizes how I'd like to die. (in that Stepford Wives kinda way).

joe said...

hi, i enjoy checking out your blog and have added a link to your blog on my blog. actually, my blog is more like a compilation of website reviews and information, but in blog format. anyway, i'd appreciate if you would link back to me from your blog. in any case, keep up the cool blog! cheers, joe

Joann said...

I can not see myself doing this. Must hurt.

Tinker said...


joe: i have added you to my permanent blog roll. thanks!

joann: i think i would if i had a chance. there is not one pair of high heels i have now that i could actually run in.. they are all too high. i have a pair that is about an inch--now those i might be able to do it.

FrogMaN said...

Hi, Tinker,

We have "gamour running on Heels" in Moscow too (08.07.2006). Please:

P.S. I put Link on you from my Blog (PR=5). Would You like put a _direct_ Link from your Blog on me?


Tinker said...

frogman: you are now linked. thanks for that info on the Moscow races!

bart said...

Wow, what a spectacle!!

Tinker said...

bart! i agree with you!

Linda said...

oops..! Great job. I think, heel shoes race is world's most hard-hitting game.

Eric said...

These women do look serious! I guess for $10k I'd be willing to run a mile in heels. I would even practice for it.