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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Swashbuckling Pirate Shoes! YARRRRR!

Arrrr! Only a few more days till the big event~~~> Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest! I cannot wait! I love Curse of the Black Pearl. It is one of my most favorite movies of all time. Now nothing can beat The Matrix series. They are at the very top of my list. I knew the matrix existed ever since I was a little girl. (I used to dream that this world was a part of someone else's dream and that one day that person would wake up. Yeah! I still believe that the matrix is REAL!) Buck up you scurvy dogs! Only a few days left till Dead Man's Chest! ARRRR!

dirty Fila told me that she wants to go see it on opening day. Now normally I do try to avoid opening day for any movie but this one warrants me going. I have already bought our advance tickets for opening day. Got them on yesterday. Now I just have to get my pirate costume together. Costume??!! Yes. Costume. Doesn't everyone dress in character for their favorite movies? I do. Since I am a Starwars, X-Files, Star Trek kind of girl. I have dressed for all those movies. I love sci-fi. I am a Trekkie and a proud wearer of a communicator to work on any given day.

The last movie I dressed up for was the last Matrix movie. A group of my coworkers went and I did not tell anyoneI was dressing in black. It is so natural, of course I would be looking like Trinity. So there I was all dress in black. There was 4 of us. I was in a black matrix t-shirt, black pants, black shades, black boots. Trinity I was. When I got out of the car 2 of my coworkers had already arrived and were all crazy that I was dressed in black. They wished I had called them and they could have dressed in black also. Well the fourth person arrived and he was a male. He stepped out of his truck and BAMM! Neo was in the house. He was dressed like Neo. He had blond hair but he was Neo.

He had gone on line and ordered an authentic long coat like those worn in the movies. He had on black pants, black shirt, black shades and boy was he ever so dreamy that day. (He is a cutie anyway.) ARRRR! Me hearties grow faint! The other 2 coworkers thought that the 2 of us were nuts. They began to say that they had no idea they had to "dress" to go see a movie with us and said they felt underdressed. We had a great time and to this day, they always tease me about dressing to see a movie.

dirty Fila has a great pirate shirt that I bought her last year from the Villian store at Walt Disney World MGM last year. She plans to wear that. I have a great pirate shirt as well, but , I am tempted to get the Jack Sparrow costume on sale now at I just saw it. I am not even sure it will make it to me in time so that is most likely out. I think I will head on down to the local party store and check out the pirate costumes there. They have a lot from what I remember last halloween.

I was just thinking about pirate shoes. I will make do with some black boots that I have but there are some very nice pirate shoes out there. Yarrr! I would love to have a pair--just one! Everyone needs a pair of pirate boots/shoes to round out their closet. If I had a pair, I would not be sweating now as to how I can make my boots like piratey! (IS that a word?) is a word. A pirate word. Yarrr! Are any of you going to see the movie?

Check out these pirate shoes. They are a must have for the fashion forward pirate in you. Savvy?

Captain Jack: $350

Captain Morgan: $250

Barbossa: $350
(Now this is one pair I want!)

Just look at Johhny Depp! Look at his boots! This picture of him with the skulls just seems to fit right in with his personality. Those multiple eyes are kind ofwierd. Can't wait to see that in the movie.

Now the best selection of pirate boots can be found at They have every color and style you could ever want. I was in pirate boot heaven on their site! Yo Ho! Here are some of their lovelies! Love them all! The entire collection of pirate boots can be see here.

Salty Dog: $400
Love these!

Pirate Books~

I was in Barnes and Noble about a week ago and at the register when I checked out was this great book on pirates! It goes hand in hand with the movie. It is the visual pirate guide for Pirates of the Caribbean. I also saw the pirate dictionary which looked cool. Savvy?

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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