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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tsubasa Shoes

This artist really has some interesting work. These shoes are almost a little scary. Digital art really takes on a new meaning. Bill Reichardt is the artist. Except from his "about" page. More can be found there. My favorites are Jewel, Spurple and Chocolate Mint. Be sure to check out all the different galleries he has. Seems to me that most tends to be fetish art.

For Tsubasa, diversity is a key element for his life and artistic expression. While he enjoys most aspects of erotic art and the fetish world, Tsubasa chooses to live life that is enriched by his freedom to create and express his visions. His art has moved from being a medium where every work produced is experimental to a media permeating our culture and lives.

His digital art has not simply replaced other media or tools, but has established a new set of media; media that could not be created using any other methods, either technical or conceptual. Its another media in addition to painting, sculpting, photography, film making. The goal for Tsubasa is digital media. In early 2002, Tsubasa released a complete compilation of his digital erotic art on DVD. This digital media is a culmination his ever evolving art form which ultimately establishes the Digital Art Document.


Spurple--Love this one!

Shoe Tube



Jewel--this is my favorite!



Chocolate Mint


The magnificence of a Tsubasa piece cannot be absorbed with just one glance. His ultramodern erotic portrayals immerse the viewer in the splendor of a compelling journey revealing a world of fantasy, where artistic play and expression is unfettered by any one notion of "reality." Both undecidedly real and fantastic, the art ensnares the viewer¹s unconscious desire to interpret the imagery on their own accord.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Darkstar said...

This reminds me of an Giantess site (remember I brought that fetish up to you before )called UltraKrush

Check out his cgi style here:

Tinker said...

darkstar: i remember. i did check out that site. kind of different. those look like dolls and not real people.