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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 3

Thirteen Very Odd Things
That Have Happened to Me!

1. When I was a child, my parents, brother and I had gone to a church service at night. The church itself was in the city and in a good part of town, however to get out of town we had to pass thru some not so great areas. We always traveled with our doors locked. We got to a traffic light and there were some men about 1 carlength behind us standing on the sidewalk talking amongst themselves. All of a sudden 4 of the men surrounded our car--a man at each door. They were going to attack us, kill us whatever. I yelled for my father to go and he jammed on the gas. 2 of the men had grabbed the back door handles. The were dragged a few feet and they let go.

About 7 years ago on a Saturday night, I had a feeling that I could not sleep. No..that is not right. I had a feeling that I should not sleep upstairs. So I stayed up late, downstairs watching movies until about 2am in the morning. The lights were on in the den but not in the kitchen. A movie had just ended and I heard a faint sound in the kitchen near the window. I got up from the sofa and turned on the kitchen light and I saw a shadow at the kitchen window. It was a person. As I moved toward the window the shadow moved away to the left away from the window. I called the police, hysterical...they came and looked around inside and outside and looked at that window. That man had been trying to break in. He had been trying to pry the screen back from the window to get in.

This happened when I was living in North Carolina in the late 1980's. It was christmas time and I had found a nursery that had a good price on christmas trees and they looked good. (At christmas time you see all sorts of weird people coming out of the woodwork) I pulled in and parked. I was looking around at all the plants and trees and all of a sudden that feeling came. Something was wrong. I looked around and I saw a mountain man looking at me. I mean a real mountain man, the kind of man who looked just like he stepped right out of the movie "Deliverence." He had just stepped out of an old truck that looked it could not possible run at all. He had on overalls, a plaid shirt and he had a beard like zztop..long down to his waist and long black stringy hair. His eyes looked at me and they were like shiny black marbles. Like charles manson eyes...glowing that horrible glow. And he was staring at me like he had never seen a woman before. I have heard horrible stories of those mountain men capturing women and keeping them like slaves in the woods. I immediately wanted to leave but I had to get my tree. I went to the clerk and told him I had found a tree and needed to have it put in my car right away. He had other customers but said he would get someone to get the tree and tie it to my car. I walked around and waited about 5-10 more minutes. The mountain man was wherever I was. Whenever I looked up he was there staring at me crazily. Then he was gone the next time I looked up. I began to get scared like I have never been scared before. People like that can make others disappear. All of a sudden the clerk I had asked to help me came rushing over. He said quietly that I had to leave right now. He said that he felt I was in danger by someone in the store. I told him it was that mountain man. He said yes. He said that he would help me get the tree right now. And he did. He grabbed that tree, hoisted on my car, tied it and told me to be careful.

4. One morning many years ago I had to go to the grocery store before work. I was in Piggly Wiggly about 7:30am. There was 1 cashier up front. I walked up several aisles and there was noone in the store but me. I began to get a very eerie feeling that I needed to get out there. The hair began to stand up on my arms. I was in the back of the store and a voice said "leave." I left my buggy and walked immediately to the store front to leave and as I approached the front register area, in walked 2 young black males who looked like complete thugs. They were looking around shiftily first together and then separating, one going to each end of the store and walking straight back. I heard the voice again say louder this time."LEAVE" I got in my car and flew out of the parking lot. I went on to work. Low and behold those men did rob that store. It was all over the news that night.

5. A few years ago I was leaving for work at about 7:45. I was leaving my development and it was a spring day. I had my window about 1/4 of the way down, doors locked. I turned out of the development and there is a short little access road there before you get to a light to get to the main highway. I stopped at the development entrance to be sure I could pull out onto the access road. Right there at the complex entrance is a low brick wall/planter with the complex name and plants.
Well, all of a sudden a voice said "look behind you." ( I have a voice that alerts me to danger sometimes.) I looked and there was a white man stretched out on the grass in front of the planter. Odd. Why was he there? He was not moving and I thought he may need help. I called to him. No response. I called again. I paused my car and was about to put it into park to get out and go over. I guess he saw the brake lights come on because all of a sudden he leaped up and ran toward my car. He was screaming and yelling with arms outstretched like a stark raving maniac. I jammed on the gas, ran the light and got the hell out of there. I called the police and I went back to meet them there. He of course was gone. I wonder if he got a victim that morning.

6. When we moved into the house I grew up in with my parents, we found out AFTER the deal was final that the prior occupant killed himself in the house. Gun, blood everywhere. Suicide. It was a troubled place. Lots of odd, scary, spooky thing happened all the years I was growing up there. I remember coming to the front door and standing on the stoop a few years ago and hearing footsteps from inside. Well I thought that my mom or dad had seen me drive up and was meeting me at the door to open it. The footsteps stopped at the door but the door did not open. I then heard a child humming a tune...not a tune I had ever heard before or could ever imitate. I peaked in the front window as the grandkids were there.. maybe it was one of them. I saw noone. I could feel someone at the door standing. About 20 seconds later, I saw my mother round the corner and move toward the door to open it.

7. I was at the beach one summer in water that was about knee high when I was standing up. I sat down. All of a sudden I was surrounded by fish! Fish that were biting me over and over. They were grey and about the size of my hand in width and length. I jumped up screaming and ran out of the surf to get away from them.

8. I once had an itch in my hair in the front right side (when I was in the 1st grade.) I scratched and scratched my head. It would not stop itching. Finally I felt something up there that was not hair. I squeezed my fingers together and there was a round body that was moving. It was a big spider all caught up in my hair. I screamed until my father got it out!

9. I was in Georgia in the late 1980's living and I bought a package of fish from the grocery store. I got it home, took off the plastic and was just about to shake on some salt and pepper when out of that fish flesh rose a long red worm about 2 inches long. Freedom! After reaching for the sky, it went back down into the fish. I could not get back to that store quick enough with that fish!

10. About a week ago, I found 6 library books that I had checked out from my local library 3 years ago in 1993. They had been packed away in a closet in a box??? I called the library about the books and fines. It was only $30 for 6 books for 3 years being overdue.

11. I have seen a UFO ship! Aliens are here and that is my story and I am sticking to it! They really are living among us, watching and studying.

12. Another time at my parents house I observed my nephew smiling and waving to absolutely nothing in the hallway as we all sat in the den.

13. The oddest food I have ever eaten was sea urchin. It is an expensive sushi. It was the most awful thing in the world. The taste was something I cannot EVEN begin to describe. It is just that awful. All yellow and green and soft and bitter. Trust me, do not ever try it. I love sushi, but for God's sake, stay the hell away from sea urchin! You will never forget the taste of it. I would not wish sea urchin on my worste enemy. It is just that horrible in flavor.

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18 Broken Heels:

Silver said...

Eek such a spooky list - what a great read!

Caylynn said...

Wow, you have had some odd things happen to you! Thank goodness for your intuition in a couple of instances, and in trusting in it!

Shannon said...

Creepy things! Wow! The sushi one made me laugh, though.

Have a great Thursday!

Celfyddydau said...

Creepy! But love the name of your blog.

SheCrochets said...

You are lucky the library only charged $30... mine charges a $1/day. I would have been in big trouble! LOL

Nice, though scary, list. Mine is up, too.

Ghost said...

Always trust your intuition. Great read.

Have a Happy!

Jenny Ryan said...


Teena said...

I had a similar experience. Way back when I was still in college, I was working at Domino's Pizza. I had agreed to help out a manager at a store where I didn't normally work. Because it was an unfamiliar area, I left early in case I got lost on the way. The result was that I had time before I needed to clock in. That Domino's was located in an L shaped strip mall. At the center of the L was a Revco. I decided to walk down and pick up a few things I needed. On the way, I passed a pet store. I put my hand on the door getting ready to enter when I saw the hours. I decided that I would come back after work and turned to continue walking to the Revco. I took about 5 steps when I heard the bell on the door ring. Automatically, I turned around to look at the door. A man was exiting the store wearing one of those kangaroo pouch sweatshirts with both hands in the pockets and the hood drawn up and tied tight under the chin. This would be fine if it was cold, but it was summer... in Arizona. I wasn't suspicious and just thought "That guy is going to sweat his ass off." I continued on to Revco and did my shopping. When I exited, there were firetrucks everywhere and I figured there must be a fire, but didn't worry too much about it. Now it was time for me to clock in, so I hurried back to the Dominos and started working. About a half an hour later, another worker came in and mentioned that the Pet Store had been robbed. Knowing that I had seen the guy I hurried down to the police to tell my story. It turned out that this guy had entered the pet store and shot the cashier at point blank range. Took the money and left. There were two boys in the store that couldn't be seen over the aisle so the killer must not have known they were there. Had I entered that store as I intended, I would be dead. Scary.

N. Mallory said...

Well, I don't believe in aliens, but the rest of your list gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Happy TT!

Barbara said...

Some very spooky stories!

Chelle Y. said...

Wow! Scary!

JO said...

hi. thanks for visiting my blog.

wow! what a list! always listen to your inner voice... it keeps you safe.

Dayngr said...

Amen to that! Listen to your inner voices and follow your gut. Oh and tell me how this linky thing works ... lol I am clueless.

Dane Bramage said...

When I was a kid I would swear that my Grandma's attic was haunted. My brother and sisters and I were spending the night one time and the boys had to sleep in the attic. My brother was goofing off downstairs and I was in the attic alone. I began to think about the haunting. My uncles used to play it up and spin yarns about suicides in the attic. I started to get a little scared and then I heard it. Breathing. slow measured breaths out of nowhere. I was really getting scared now and the breathing got faster. I was about to die of fright when it dawned on me. I took a deep breath, I heard a deep breath. I released a deep breath, I heard a deep breath released. I was feeling a little relieved. I took a deep breath I heard a deep breath. I started to feel really stupid. Iwas almmost ready to giggle at how silly I felt. I held my breath. I heard a deep breath released. I flew down to the second floor without ever touching a step.

Thanks for stopping by my T13.

Turtles said...

Wow! What a spooky list! My husband once lived in a haunted house. Oh the stories he told me, very, very creepy!

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Mert said...

Very creepy stories, I got up in the middle of them and made sure my doors were locked, TYVM!

I have had weird feelings like that, too. One time my husband and I were out for a drive late at night (we get restless sometimes and liked to get out of the house for pancakes at 2 am. Before we had kids, of course), and there was this guy lying partially on the road with a bike off to the side. My husband and I stopped, and called to him, asked if he wanted us to call 911. The whole time, I felt very uncomfortable, I had this wierd feeling. He slowly got up and walked to the drivers window, and since I was sitting in the passenger's seat I could see that he was reaching into the back of his pants for something. Luckily the window was only down a crack, and I screamed to John to go, go, go! As we sped off I explained that I believed he was about to pull a gun on us, that he was just waiting for some idiots like us to come along to do God knows what.

Other times I feel something good is going to happen, like the time I went back to a certain slot machine we had been laying. We were supposed to leave early, but I tossed and turned all night. We went back to tha machine and won 1200$. Another time in Vegas I had thid feeling I would find 100$ , on my birthday. Sure enough, while signing up for a casino club card, I found a multi colored chip that was blending in with marble counter top. I whispered for John to grab it, and told him that I bet it was !00$. Sure enough, it was, happy bday to me!

Another time in vegas, we had already planned and paid for our trip, when we found out the week before that John was getting laid off. I was going to play a dolar slot, but thought how mad at me he would be if I lost 20$ in about 30 seconds. I got up, a few minutes later a lady won over 800$ on that stupid machine. The attendant came to reset the machine, she won another 600$. I still kick myself today, even though that was over 8 years ago, we could have really used that money.

One time going home for John's grandma's funeral, I knew as they were shutting the cargo hold that my luggage would be lost, John just looked at me like "yeah, right dram queen". Guess what happened when we got there? No luggage, I had to buy everything I needed, which is stressful enough, not to mention a few days before a funeral.

I get these wierd feelings sometimes, they dont always come true, but you never know. Better safe than sorry. Sorry my comment was so long, I love sharing weird stories like that.

Great list! :OD Thanks for visiting my TT!

Tink said...

That's a very interesting list! Thanks for visiting mine!

MommyBa said...

Oh yeah, they were pretty odd things! Great and interesting list that you've shared this week.

Happy weekend!