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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dusty Closet Shoes and Stuff!

Today I spent some of the day trying to clean out my closet. It is a daunting task. I have so much stuff. I have come to point where the items in the closet are taking over areas outside the closet as there is no more room! It is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate over the years. Now I have thought of putting some stuff up for sale on EBAY but it is good stuff. Not worn and in excellent condition, not out of date as I tend to buy classic clothes. I just can't seem to part with any of it as I keep thinking I might need it in the future. In reality there are things in my closet I have not worn in 15 years. Why can't I part with some of it? Some of my clothing is very expensive so that is one thing that is making it hard to part with. I know how much money I paid for them.

We will not EVEN talk about the shoes and boots or the 40 lovely purses on the top shelf. There are about 10 pairs of shoes I have not worn in about 5 years. I may have worn them about 2-3 times before I moved on to the next shoe purchase. I seem to have an over abundance of winter coats. One almost floor length black wool coat with a russian style wool pillbox hat to match , a taupe wool coat the same length, a car length lined brown leather coat, a taupe colored suede jacket, a caramel colored suede jacket, a black leather jacket (bomber style) that is just georgous (I have not worn that jacket since the early 1990's...maybe 1992) that was given to me by my first fiance/true love. It is one I could pull out and wear today. It is not out of style. I also have a lined denim jacket . I almost forgot the ankle length fur lined black leather jacket that has the built in hood/collar and the black artic down fox fur jacket. That is just the regular suede and leather. I have not even touched the fur items yet.

In the fur category (and I mean real fur, not fake fur), I have a floor length black wool cape with 4 long silver fox tails. This I love to wear and I must say it is very elegant. I normally wear this to church in winter when it is not sooo very cold that I do not need the floor length black wool coat. I have a car length mink coat and 3 mink stoles/capes of varying designs. Two of the 3 stoles are classic designed that can be worn for a night at the symphony with an evening gown. The third is like... 4 minks bodies put together so it is like a shawl you can wear around your neck with sweaters or a suit. It hangs down to mid thigh. That one is one I wear all the time in the winter with suits. I also have a full length swing mink coat. Love that one! You put that thing on and you feel no cold. It is so very heavy. Of course I have fox hats and mink hats to match.

These items closely resemble what I have in the way of coats. Who has that many coats?? Do you? I really tried to part with something today. I really did! The thing that I need to do is make the master bedroom the closet and make the closet the bedroom. Then, eveything would fit just right. I was hoping to get quite a few items OUT of the closet, instead most went right back in, just dusted off and rearranged. I will try again next weekend. I think I will take a look at the 40 purses. I know that will be hard. I have all those purses to go with all my shoes. Shoes and purses HAVE to match!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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