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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Flamingo Chasing Shoes

News Blurb: the company that makes the plastic pink flamingos is going out of business. That is what I heard on the news last thursday morning as I got dressed for work. Fear and trepidation filled my heart. I put on my flamingo chasing shoes!

When I was a little girl I did not like flamingos at all. They were strange to me. My love affair with flamingos began when the show Miami Vice came on. I was mesmorized by the pastels, the music and the flamingos in the opening sequence of the show. Throughout the years I have always wanted pink flamingos on the lawn or in the garden. I just never bought any. I was thinking those slightly tacky flamingos would be around forever. Not! I was in a panic after hearing that news.

When I got to work I spent the first 2.5 hours of my day chasing that elusive pink flamingo. I called every garden center of every discount store. I called greenhouses and free standing garden centers and nurseries. No one had a single pink flamingo. I was told over and over again that in the last week there had been a big RUSH for plastic pink flamingos. They were all sold out. My hope was about to go away when I made one last phone call to a feed and seed store. They had one box left of the original flamingos made by the company in Union. I asked the clerk to hold that box and let no one have it. I was on my way right now to get it.

During my morning flamingo chase, I also searched online and over and over again I saw those dreaded words: Out of Stock! I even went to the manufacturer's website to see if I could purchase online. Only if I was a business with a purchase order number with a minimum of $500.00.

Well there was only one thing to do. Grab my purse, ride that elevator down six floors to the parking lot and jump in the car. That is exactly what I did. 20 minutes later I was at the feed and seed store looking at that wonderful, white box holding my pair of pink flamingos. I made my purchase, happy as a clam. My thoughts are turning to spring. Shipments for lawn and garden stores are most likely already placed, so there are bound to be more of the original pink flamingos out there for sale. I will be stalking all the garden centers near me. I need more. Two is not enough. My fear now is that if I put them out someone will take them. They are now selling on EBAY for over $100.00. I do not want mine to end up on EBAY after being stolen.

I think I will put them in my large potted plants in the house. That way I can see then every day. My pink flamingos. It was worth putting on my Flamingo Chasing Shoes!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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