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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

London Travel

One of these days in the very near future I would love to go to Europe. I really just want to hit all the highlights on the first time. I would have to go to London. The Royals and Buckingham Palace are there. That is one place I would have to see. I mean they have lived there since 1837 and the Queen allows parts to be visited by the public. It would be one of the first places to see and soon after would be Big Ben. There are lots of places to stay from the very nice to the very cheap. I think I would be somewhere in the middle. Cheap hotels in London are everywhere. That is why it is the hot spot of so many students to go to after graduation. I remember when I graduated from high school eons ago, quite a few of my classmates were given that by their parents as a gift.

I am not sure if those who were going were going to stay in hostels or not. I just know that accomodations are quite affordable there for as little as gbp 10.00. Who can beat that? Now that is a hostel but if all you are looking for is a place to sleep it is worth it. For that cost it is a 1 star accomodation. Due to all of the beautiful, historic landmarks, cheap accomodations can be found everywhere in just about every suburb. Take the cheap hotels in Piccadilly for example. If you are backpacking the prices start at GBP 20 and go on up to GBP 168 for a 5 star hotel for those who want just a little more comfort. These prices are good all the time, whether your trip is one that has been planned for a year or whether you decided to make a last minute jaunt. Lots of the accomodations are within walking distance of famous landmarks like Trafalgar Square or Hyde Park.

CheaperThanHotels is far reaching with accomodations in other places as well. One of my dream places is Down Under and sure enough there are cheap hotels in Australia . Australia has such a varied landscape with beaches and tropics to very dry areas. There are budget accomodations and luxury resorts in all of those areas that range from serviced apartments, hotels and backpacker hostels. CheaperThanHotels has last minute deals that are available only on line and extras that come with some of your travel selections. How can they do this? Well they have established networks with leading hotel chains worldwide to bring affordable travel arrangements to the public at competetive prices.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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